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CESP 1-73: UA Vehicle Safety Program

Date Revised: 7-1-2006
Supersedes: 6-2-2005

Summary: The University of Arkansas vehicle safety program is intended to ensure maximum safety for all drivers and passengers of University of Arkansas vehicles by minimizing accidents and injuries resulting from vehicle incidents, eliminating the operation of unsafe vehicles, providing adequate training to all University of Arkansas drivers, and defining clear lines of responsibility for vehicle safety.

All campuses within the University of Arkansas System Risk Management Program must participate in the Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program sponsored by the Department of Finance and Administration.  As a result of Extension’s participation in the program, the Human Resources Office will receive driving points reports from the State on employees’ excessive traffic violations.


The following uniform procedures and guidelines apply to the operation of University of Arkansas owned vehicles, vehicles rented or leased for use on official University of Arkansas business, or private motor vehicles used to conduct University of Arkansas business.

1. The UA Cooperative Extension Service will define those positions where employees must drive as a condition of employment or on a frequent basis (once a week or more). Before an applicant can be hired for one of these positions, the applicant is provided with Authorization to Operate Vehicle form, and Driving Safety Tips by Human Resources through the new employee onboarding system. Once the form is completed, a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check will be conducted. The MVR of employees filling those positions will be checked on a regular basis. 
2. The Human Resources Office will receive driving records for resident drivers through the SVS System (State of Arkansas Website) through Information Network of Arkansas. Driving records for non-resident drivers will be obtained by sending the Authorization to Obtain Traffic Violation Record form to the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Drivers Services.
3. All drivers must maintain a valid driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle to be driven in accordance with the requirements of all applicable Arkansas State Laws. 
4. Assigned University of Arkansas vehicles should be used primarily for “official business.” Personal use is not allowed.
5. University of Arkansas vehicles are not to be driven by employees under the age of 18.
6. Drivers must report accidents and traffic violations in accordance with PMGS 12-1, Travel Regulations 
7. Those drivers who accumulate 10 points or more as assigned by the State Office of Driver Services will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action if the accumulation of points has a detrimental effect on their abilities to perform their University duties.  Drivers who accumulate 14 points or more will not be allowed to operate a University of Arkansas vehicle until after a period of driving suspension.
8. The report of a driver who has accumulated 10  or more points will be sent, confidentially and directly, to the Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension, who, in consultation with the appropriate Associate Director, Assistant Director, or District Director, will make the determination regarding the length of driving suspension.  The authorization to drive following suspension will be reinstated only after evaluation and approval by the appropriate Administrator.
9. A Defensive Driving course may be required for employees who have an accumulation of 14 points or more within a three-year period.  Documentation of Defensive Driving course completion must be submitted to HR within 60 days after the driving suspension began. Enrollment in, attendance at, and payment for Defensive Driving courses are the responsibility of the employee.

Administrative Action

1.  Drivers who have accumulated 10 points or more on their current Traffic Violation Report (which covers a rolling three year period) 
Authorization to drive on University of Arkansas business will be reviewed by the Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension
2. Drivers whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked by the Office of Driver Services Will not be permitted to drive on University of Arkansas business for the duration of the suspension or revocation.  Drivers with restricted permits may be authorized to drive on University of Arkansas business as allowed by the restricted permit if approved by the Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension. Employees whose jobs require them to drive may face termination or other serious disciplinary action as a result of suspended, revoked, or restricted licenses.


Misuse of University of Arkansas Vehicles

The following conditions are considered to be a misuse of University of Arkansas vehicles:

Driving a University of Arkansas vehicle without authorization by proper campus officials.
Driving without a valid Arkansas operator’s license of the appropriate class for the type of vehicle being driven.
Permitting a person not defined as a University of Arkansas authorized driver to drive a University of Arkansas vehicle.
Noncompliance with traffic/motor vehicle laws and regulations.
Unsafe practices, including failure to use and ensure that all passengers use all available safety equipment in the vehicle being operated.  Safety equipment includes seat belts and/or shoulder harnesses.
Falsification of travel logs, travel authorizations, defensive driver training program certificates, accident reports, or other forms relative to the use of the vehicle.
Improper storage or parking of University of Arkansas vehicles.
Personal use or allowing passengers other than persons directly involved with University of Arkansas business, except with the approval of employee’s immediate supervisor for each trip.
Failure to comply with any law, regulation, or policy associated with the use of University of Arkansas vehicles, including the requirement that one must have satisfactorily completed a University of Arkansas approved Defensive Driver course where necessary.

Assessment of Points

The Point values determined by the State Office of Driver Services for Convictions of Moving Traffic Violations are as follows:

1. Accident 3
2. Careless/negligent driver 3
3. Child Restraint 0
4. C.M.V.  D.U.I. control substance 14
5. C.M.V. leaving scene 6
6. C.M.V. refuse test 14
7. Defective brakes 0
8. Defective equipment 0
9. Defective lights 0
10. Defective tires 0
11. Driving left of center 3
12. Driving without lights 3
13. Driving while revoked 3
14. Driving while suspended 3
15. D.U.I .02 or more 14
16. D.W.I .04 or more 14
17. D.W.I .10 or more 14
18. D.W.I 14
19. Evading arrest with a motor vehicle 8
20. Failure to dim lights 3
21. Failure to keep a proper look out 3
22. Failure to maintain control 3
23. Failure to obey traffic signal 3
24. Failure to report traffic accident 3
25. Failure to signal 3
26. Failure to yield 3
27. Failure to stop and render aid 3
28. Following too close 3
29. Following too close C.M.V. 3
30. Going wrong way 3
31. Hazardous driving 3
32. Impeding traffic 3
33. Improper backing 3
34. Improper lane change C.M.V. 3
35. Improper entrance/exit (avoid intersection) 3
36. Improper towing 3
37. Improper turn 3
38. Inattention 3
39. Leaving the scene of an accident 8
40. Negligent Homicide (1 year revocation of D.L.) 0
41. No liability insurance 0
42. Other violations 3
43. Passing on wrong side 3
44. Passing stopped school bus  8
45. Prohibited pass 3
46. Racing 8
47. Ran off the road 3
48. Reckless driving C.M.V. 8
49. Refuse intox test 14
50. Seatbelt not used  0
51. Speeding 0-10 3
52. Speeding 11-14 4
53. Speeding 15-20 4
54. Speeding 21-30 5
55. Speeding 31 or more  8
56. Speeding 0-14 C.M.V. 3
57. Speeding 15 or more C.M.V. 6
58. Unattended vehicle with motor running 0
59. Unsafe driving 3