UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 1-32: County Extension Agents and Interns - Compensation


Personnel - Employment

C.E.S.P. 1-32: County Extension Agents and Interns - Compensation

Date Revised: 5-3-2013
Supersedes: 3-5-2010

Summary: Establishes policies and procedures regarding compensation for County Extension Agents and Interns.

All compensation policies must be consistent with state and federal legislation, University policies and procedures, and principles of sound fiscal management.

Affirmative Action Responsibility

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Affirmative Action Plan states: "The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service is an equal opportunity employer.  All candidates will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status."

All units of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service are to follow the institution's Affirmative Action Plan in recruitment and employment and in subsequent evaluation and promotion procedures.  Additional details may be obtained from the Office of Affirmative Action.

 Factors Related to Salary Determination

• Performance - The primary consideration for salary adjustments is performance.  Both the current level of performance and growth in performance are considered. Refer to C.E.S.P. 1-63, Annual Performance Evaluation – County Extension Agents, for additional information on agent performance evaluation procedures.

• Educational Level - Entry level salary is determined in part by the degree held. Agents who enter the system with a Bachelor’s degree are eligible for one salary increase opportunity based upon completion of a Master’s degree.

• Rank - Agents will be assigned to a rank at the time of employment and may have up to two in-rank promotional opportunities during their careers.

• Experience - Prior job-related experience will be considered when establishing a starting salary.

• Stipends - Specific dollar amounts may be added to an agent’s salary for additional duties, such as a Staff Chair assignment.

• Equity - Extension administration reserves the right to make individual salary adjustment for recruitment, retention, or internal equity purposes. 

Salary at Appointment

Extension Interns - The entry salary for an Extension Intern will be determined by the degree level attained and will be identical to that of an entry-level County Extension Agent.

Entry-Level Agents - Inexperienced agents are hired at an entry salary of $30,000 for a Bachelor's degree and $38,000 for a Master's degree.

Experienced Agents – Salaries for agents entering the organization with job-related experience will be commensurate with education and experience.

First Year Salary Adjustments

Contingent upon the availability of funding, County Extension Agents and Interns hired before April 1 will be eligible for a July 1 salary adjustment if their performance is determined to be fully satisfactory. Those hired after April 1 are not eligible for adjustment until the next year.

Merit Increases

Performance-based merit increases are awarded when funding is available. Merit increases do not affect eligibility for in-rank promotion.

Stipends for Staff Chair Assignments

The Staff Chair assignment is designated at the discretion of the District Director and the Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension. Staff Chair responsibilities are added to an agent’s program responsibilities.

In the normal course of events, the District Director will advertise for the appropriate programmatic expertise (e.g., agriculture or family and consumer sciences).  Once the position is filled, the District Director will designate the Staff Chair from among existing county faculty.

Under certain circumstances, a posted agent position may include Staff Chair responsibilities. Furthermore, when it is deemed in the best interest of Extension, the Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension may fill a vacant Staff Chair position through administrative transfer.  

An agent designated as Staff Chair will receive an annual stipend in addition to base salary.  The stipend is determined by the number of faculty positions assigned to the county as follows:

• Two faculty positions - $ 1,000
• Three or more faculty positions - $ 2,000

The stipend will end when the designee ceases to serve as Staff Chair.

Persons assigned to the position of Staff Chair prior to February 1, 1995, do not receive the stipend.

 Stipends for Interim Staff Chair Assignments

Agents designated Interim Staff Chair will immediately receive the stipend, and the stipend will continue for the duration of the Staff Chair assignment.

 In-Rank Promotion

Refer to C.E.S.P. 1 - 69, Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion of County Extension Agents and Staff Chairs, for information about agent in-rank promotion opportunities.

Transferring to Another County

 An agent who applies for and is selected to fill a position in another county will generally transfer laterally with no increase in salary but with eligible moving expensesreimbursed. Such a transfer does not result in a change in rank.

An agent transferring to a position of substantially greater responsibility in another county, to a more competitive marketplace, or to a position that has remained unfilled after an unusually long period of posting may be eligible to receive an adjustment in base salary at the discretion of the District Director and the Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Extension. The agent will be eligible for moving expense reimbursement. The transfer will not result in a change in rank.

An agent who voluntarily requests a transfer to another county for personal or professional reasons will not receive a salary increase or payment of moving expenses. Approval of such a transfer is at the discretion of the District Director and the Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Extension. The transfer will not result in a change in rank.

 Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Refer to C.E.S.P. 3 - 27, Payment of Moving Expenses, to determine eligibility and procedures for expense reimbursement.

The target ratio of employees in county Extension offices is three non-classified to one full-time secretarial position.  Additional secretarial positions (either full-time or half-time) must be justified by the District Director and approved by the Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension.