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Employee Benefits - Leave and Holidays

C.E.S.P. 7-6: Leave Without Pay (L.W.O.P.)

Revised: 6-25-2013
Supersedes: 1-11-2007

Summary:   Establishes policy pertaining to granting of leave of absence without pay (LWOP).

An employee may be granted leave of absence without pay in accordance with University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy 420.1 and 420.2.  Leave without pay will only be granted if it is in the best interest of Cooperative Extension and if Cooperative Extension is able to accommodate such a leave. A request for LWOP may be denied if it would create an undue hardship for Extension.

Leave of absence without pay (LWOP) must be requested in advance and will only be approved for the following reasons:

  • Certain extenuating circumstances, when such absences extend beyond available accrued vacation, sick, and compensatory leave.  In these situations, LWOP will not be granted until all earned paid leaves have been exhausted.  To be considered for this LWOP, you must submit in advance (1) a written request, including justification for such leave, and (2) a completed EBEN-327, Request for Leave, form for the approval of your supervisor, Department Head or District Director, Assistant Director, and/or Associate Director.  After this administrative approval is obtained, the request is forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for review and recommendation, as appropriate, to the Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension.
  • On a case-by-case basis, unpaid leave may be considered as a form of reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities.

An employee must use all accumulated paid leaves before taking leave without pay, except in the case of maternity, military, disciplinary, or inclement weather leave. 

An employee will not earn annual or sick leave while in LWOP status when leave without pay totals 80 or more hours within a calendar month.   In addition, to receive pay for any official Extension holiday, an employee must be in a paid status (not on leave without pay) the work day before the holiday and the work day after the holiday.

Employees may continue to participate in group insurance programs during LWOP.  The employee who chooses to continue group insurance programs must pay the total cost of all premiums (employee portion and employer portion of the premium).  However, if LWOP is taken pursuant to FMLA, Extension will pay the employer's share of the health and dental insurance premiums, if applicable.  If the employee does not continue to pay the appropriate premiums during LWOP, the insurance will be canceled. 

Failure to report to work promptly at the end of an agreed-upon period of LWOP may result in termination of employment.

The Director of Human Resources will provide administrative oversight and will recommend disciplinary action in situations involving abuse of LWOP.  Employees who abuse LWOP may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.