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Employee Benefits - Leave and Holidays

C.E.S.P. 7-14: Children’s Educational Activity Leave

Date Revised: 1-9-2014
Suprsedes: 7-8-2013

Summary:   Establishes policy and procedures related to Children’s Educational Activity (CEA) Leave.  

In accordance with state law, all full-time, benefits-eligible employees will receive eight (8) hours of Children’s Educational Activity (CEA) Leave during a calendar year, regardless of the number of children, for attending or assisting with the educational activities of a child in preK-12th grade. For the purposes of this policy, child is defined as

  • natural child
  • adopted child
  • stepchild
  • foster child
  • grandchild
  • child for whom the employee is legally responsible or
  • child over the age of eighteen (18) years of age who has a developmental disability or is declared legally incompetent.

Developmental disability is defined as a disability of a person that:

  1. (1) Is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Downs syndrome, epilepsy, or autism; (2) Is attributable to any other condition of a person found to be closely related to mental retardation because the condition results in an impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior similar to that of a person with mental retardation or requires treatment and services similar to that required for a person with mental retardation; or (3) Is attributable to dyslexia resulting from a disability described in A(1) or A(2).
  2. Originates before the person attains the age of twenty-two (22) years;
  3. Has  continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely; and
  4. Constitutes a substantial handicap to the person’s ability to function without appropriate support services, including but not limited to, planned recreational activities, medical services such as physical or speech therapy, and possibilities for sheltered employment or job training.

Qualifying educational activities are school-sponsored activities, including without limitations:

  • parent-teacher conferences
  • participation in school-sponsored volunteer programs
  • participation in school-sponsored tutoring
  • field trips
  • classroom programs
  • academic competitions
  • classroom or school committee meetings
  • assisting with athletic, music, or theater programs
  • pre-kindergarten programs.

Pre-kindergarten means an educational child development program that is designed to prepare children who are at least three (3) years of age for an academic kindergarten program.

Requesting and Reporting CEA Leave

Extension employees requesting Children’s Educational Activity (CEA) Leave should submit form E.B.E.N. - 327, Request for Leave, in advance of leave taken. This form is approved by the supervisor.

Non-classified employees report Children’s Educational Activity (CEA) Leave on the Banner Self Serve Leave Report. Classified employees report CEA Leave on the Banner Excel Division time sheet at

Unused CEA Leave may not be carried over to the next calendar year, and an employee will not receive compensation for unused CEA Leave at retirement or termination of employment.