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Employee Benefits - Leave and Holidays

C.E.S.P. 7-13: Maternity Leave

Date Revised: 1-20-2010
Supersedes: 4-14-2005

Summary:   Establishes policies and procedures concerning granting of maternity leave to mothers.

Maternity leave for mothers will be treated as any other leave for sickness or disability, except that an employee who is not able to work because of pregnancy may elect to take leave of absence without pay without exhausting accumulated sick leave and annual leave. Upon return from maternity leave, the employee will be given the same or comparable position to the one she occupied prior to the leave. 

If the employee is eligible for F.M.L.A., the maternity leave will be counted as F.M.L.A leave.

The employee is expected to give her supervisor at least two weeks written notice by completing E.B.E.N. - 107, Application for Maternity Leave. The Payroll Department will return the form to the employee indicating the amount of leave available and how it will be applied.

If she plans to be out more than five (5) consecutive days for maternity leave, the employee must furnish the Human Resources Office with a certification from the attending physician. The employee should also give the supervisor two weeks notice before returning to work.


E.B.E.N. - 107: Application for Maternity Leave
E.B.E.N. - 231: Request for consideration under the Family and Medical Leave Act (F.M.L.A.)
Maternity Management