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C.E.S.P. 8-40: Professional Memberships

Date Revised: 3-5-2007
Supersedes: 11-3-2003
University Wide Administrative Memorandum 350.1

Summary: Establishes policies and procedures for Cooperative Extension Service Professional Memberships.

INDIVIDUAL memberships are NOT to be paid from fund 14000 under any circumstance.  (Ref: Chapter 3 of Administrative Handbook for Cooperative Extension Work) INSTITUTIONAL memberships ONLY, may be paid from F.S.L. (14000) funds. Indirect funds can be used for memberships.

Individual memberships will not be paid if an Institutional membership is offered.*

Individual memberships can be considered for payment if the following criteria are met:

A.  an institutional membership is not offered
B. an individual membership fee is less than the institutional*
C. the membership compliments the employee's specific job duties
D. the membership is required to achieve other benefits
desired by the Cooperative Extension Service

In the case of the above stated, a letter of justification from the supervisor of the individual requesting the membership should accompany the requisition. The justification should explain the reasoning for purchase of an individual membership and the benefits that will be achieved by C.E.S. in the purchase of the membership.

*If an individual membership is less than the institutional membership, then a designated person from within your department will be the only one allowed to obtain a membership with that specific organization. If more than one person from the department is required to be a member of that organization, then an institutional membership should be applied for. If the institutional membership has a required number of members to obtain the membership, and the department does not meet the number requirement, then the letter of justification for an individual membership should be presented with the requisition explaining the circumstances.