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Employee Benefits - Fringe Benefits

C.E.S.P. 3-35: Tuition Discount

Date Revised: 06-12-2017

Supersedes: 7-22-2011

Summary: Establishes policy and procedures governing enrolling in college courses and reduced tuition benefits in the University of Arkansas System for employees, spouses and dependent children


Board of Trustees Policy 440.1

University-Wide Administrative Memorandum 445.1

UA Division Policy P.M.G.S. 17-1

The Cooperative Extension Service offers eligible employees and their spouses/dependents reduced rates on tuition at any of the University of Arkansas System campuses. For detailed information on eligibility and extent of the tuition discount, please visit our Division Policy at UA Division Policy P.M.G.S. 17-1

For information on how to request the tuition discount, visit our Tuition Discount Procedures page.

Leave for Study

The use of official Leave for Study or annual leave to enroll in or attend an undergraduate or graduate course during the normal office hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm may be granted to employees at the discretion of their direct supervisor.  This policy does not assume that release time from regular working hours will be automatically permitted. Factors considered when granting release time include but are not limited to work performance, impact of leave for study on departmental coworkers, overall benefit of the course work to the employee and the institution, and maintenance of office hours and functions for the faculty, staff, and general public.

During the three (3) month introductory probationary period, classified employees are not eligible for Leave for Study to attend courses during working hours. However, during the introductory probationary period, a new classified employee will be eligible for reduced tuition benefits for approved classes taken outside of regular working hours in accordance with the Tuition Discount Procedures page of the Human Resources Department site.

Upon approval, Leave for Study may be granted to eligible employees for only one (1) course during each semester, with a maximum of five (5) credit hours per semester and a total maximum of eight (8) semester credit hours per calendar year.  If the course requires additional absence from work, excess time must be charged to annual leave. Up to 30 minutes of travel time to and from class may also granted, not to exceed three (3) hours per week.

For consideration of Leave for Study, employees must submit a completed and signed E.B.E.N. - 109, Employee Request - Leave for Study form and an official class schedule to Human Resources. Employees must notify Human Resources of any course changes throughout the semester including course additions, time changes, or course eliminations.

Official Leave for Study not to exceed three (3) weeks may be granted to employees working toward a graduate degree for enrollment in short-term credit courses.  This privilege does not apply to short-term intensive courses at the undergraduate level.


For general questions on tuition discount or Leave for Study, contact Human Resources at 501-671-2219 or email