UACES Facebook Nuisance Wildlife in Arkansas | Resources for dealing with raccoons, bats and other pesky animals

Nuisance Wildlife - Who To Call

THREE'S A CROWD -- Live trapping and relocating problem-wildlife such as these juvenile raccoons is allowed by state law, though local ordinances need to be checked.  (Image courtesy Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management and USDA Wildlife Services.) 

Common Wildlife Species



Species-Specific Contacts

YOU FOUND WHAT IN YOUR POND? -- Call a wildlife officer about potentially dangerous wildlife which have lost their fear of people. (Image courtesy Wendy VanDyk Evans,

Wildlife nuisance control operators can be hired to remove common problem animals, or you can opt to do-it-yourself.  Those listed below require special knowledge, permits, services or other response.



  • Hire a nuisance bat control operator - these individuals and companies are not certified by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and there is no guarantee of their service.  Look under "Bats" and document titled "Nuisance Bat Control Operators."


  • The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission manages the Conservation District Beaver Control Program.  Contact your Conservation District for more details to identify the beaver control officer in your district.

Black Bear

Black Vultures



Feral Dogs or Cats

  • City or county animal control agent
  • County Sheriff’s Office

Feral Hogs (Wild Pigs, Wild Boar, Feral Swine)

THREE LITTLE PIGGIES -- The expanding feral hog population in Arkansas is of increasing concern. (Image courtesy Clint Turnage, USDA Wildlife Services.) 

Fish-eating Birds


Mountain Lions (Cougars, Panthers)

Migratory birds