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Nuisance Wildlife - Who To Call

Three young raccoons escaping a trap
Live trapping and relocating problem-wildlife such as these juvenile raccoons is allowed by state law, though local ordinances need to be checked.  (Image courtesy Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management and USDA Wildlife Services.) 


Common Wildlife Species - Options

  • Contact your Local County Extension Office.

  • Call a wildlife biologist or wildlife officer with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at 800-364-4263 or visit their website.

  • Sign up on the Landowner Nuisance Wildlife Registry – developed for landowners with problem furbearers willing to allow licensed trappers or furbearer hunters access to their property during open hunting and trapping seasons in order to take furbearers causing property damage.

  • Hire a local nuisance wildlife control operator-- These individuals and companies are not certified by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and there is no guarantee of their service. To find a list, go to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's nuisance wildlife webpage, click on the tab Nuisance Wildlife Resources, then scroll down near the bottom of the page where it says "I Want To Hire Somebody to Solve My Nuisance Wildlife Problems." Click on the PDF list of Arkansas nuisance wildlife control operators.

Species-Specific Contacts

YOU FOUND WHAT IN YOUR POND? -- Call a wildlife officer about potentially dangerous wildlife which have lost their fear of people. (Image courtesy Wendy VanDyk Evans,

Wildlife nuisance control operators can be hired to remove common problem animals, or you can opt to do-it-yourself.  Those listed below require special knowledge, permits, services or other response.


  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - talk to a Wildlife Officer assigned to your county (800-364-4263)


  • Hire a nuisance bat control operator - these individuals and companies are not certified by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and there is no guarantee of their service.  Look under "Bats" and document titled "Nuisance Bat Control Operators."


  • The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission manages the Conservation District Beaver Control Program.  Contact your Conservation District for more details to identify the beaver control officer in your district.

Black Bear

  • Black Bear Program Coordinator, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (800-364-4263) or a regional office.

Black Vultures

Feral Dogs or Cats

  • City or county animal control agent
  • County Sheriff’s Office

Feral Hogs (Wild Pigs, Wild Boar, Feral Swine)

The expanding feral hog population in Arkansas is of increasing concern. (Image courtesy Clint Turnage, USDA Wildlife Services.) 

Fish-eating Birds


  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (800-364-4263)

Mountain Lions (Cougars, Panthers)

Migratory birds


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