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Bobwhite quail in field
CAMOUFLAGE-- Bobwhites are a declining species in Arkansas. Learn how to Bring Back Bobwhites in a publication by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.  (Image by Becky McPeake, University of Arkansas.) 

Arkansans enjoy wildlife.  Wildlife are any free-roaming, non-domesticated vertebrate animal.  The periodic National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation reports time and again that Arkansans enjoy getting outdoors, seeing and observing wildlife, and hunting them, whether for their beauty, as a recreational pursuit, or for the bounty they provide on the table.

Wildlife have adapted well to human habitation. Sometimes they cause problems in yards and gardens, inside buildings, even collisions with vehicles.  Economically, the problems they cause can be substantial, whether it's a regional or community-wide problem, or one that requires digging into your own wallet.

Whether you love 'em or wish they'd go somewhere else, we are here to provide science-based information for you to discover the best way to enjoy, live with, cope with, or reduce conflicts with wildlife. Contact a local county Extension office for more information.





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