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The cities of Pine Bluff and White Hall, along with Jefferson County and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, joined together in 2006 to provide public education and participation programs as part of fulfilling U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stormwater management requirements.

They contracted the Cooperative Extension Service's Jefferson County office to help the public understand their role in preventing stormwater pollution and the effect people can have on water quality.

What has the Jefferson County Extension Office done in recent years? Some examples:

  • Cleanups of the Bayou Bartholomew 
  • Rain barrel and Upcycle workshops
  • School and library programs featuring a hands-on watershed model
  • Storm drain markings and murals 
  • Master Gardener stormwater education classes

Jefferson County Extension goes into classrooms to teach our youth about stormwater and preventing water pollution. They also lead workshops for residents, providing tips on how to prevent pollution at home and in the community.

What do Sammy and Wayne have to say about storm drains?

Stormwater runoff can pick up and carry litter, nutrients, bacteria, chemicals, sediment (soil) and other pollutants through a storm drain system, untreated, to the nearest creek, stream or lake. Most of Pine Bluff drains into the Bayou Bartholomew, an amazing waterway that is on the state's list of priority watersheds because of its impairments.

So remember, only rain down the drain!  

How can you prevent stormwater pollution?

Tips on Preventing Stormwater Pollution


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