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Northwest Arkansas Pre-Construction Stormwater Education Program

Why was the program developed?

In Northwest Arkansas, construction stormwater inspectors have been frustrated with stormwater regulation non-compliance. Conversations for those managing construction sites have gone unheeded and best management practices were not followed. Many companies claim an ignorance to best practices to avoid compliance with regulations.

Who is the program for?

In response, we developed a construction stormwater education program specifically for contractors, developers, and persons responsible for inspecting and maintaining stormwater controls on a construction site to be shared during pre-construction meetings.

All the materials needed to obtain a Participated in Training card are located on this page. Once you have completed:

Submit your quiz to either Katie Teague Washington County or Trish Ouei in Benton County and they will review the quiz.

If the score is 80% or above, they will email or snail mail a Participated in Training card that will be valid for two years.

Below are a few of the resources and materials developed:

Transcript of Stormwater Compliance on Construction Sites in NWA video

 construction site with sign concrete washout area


Developing Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan - A Guide for Construction Sites (EPA)



Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities (EPA website)

ADEQ Construction Stormwater Permitting (ADEQ Website)


man looking at a schematic of a construction site