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NWA Pre-Construction Stormwater Education Program

In Northwest Arkansas, local municipal construction stormwater inspectors have been frustrated with stormwater regulation non-compliance and repeated conversations about violations with improper sediment and erosion control BMP selection, installation and maintenance. Many claim an ignorance to the regulations to avoid consequences of non-compliance. In response, the NWA Stormwater Education program developed a construction stormwater education program for contractors, developers, and persons responsible for inspecting and maintaining stormwater controls on a construction site to be shared during pre-construction meetings.

Below are a few of the resources and materials developed or supplied for the meetings:

Construction Stormwater Managment Resource Sheet 

Stormwater Compliance on Construction Sites in Northwest Arkansas

Transcript of Stormwater Compliance on Construction Sites in NWA video

Ground Control - Stormwater Pollution Prevention from Construction Sites (ExCal Visual's website)