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Northwest Arkansas Stormwater Program


Fall 2021 Litter Clean-up

Pick up where you play logo
Do your part and remove litter from area waterways! Pick Up Where You Play is a multi-city, multi-day, litter clean-up taking place in August through the end of October. Let's see how much trash we can remove in two months!

One lucky participant will win a fishing trip for two on Beaver Lake sponsored by Beaver Water District and E&C Striper Guides. Sign in at any clean-up for a chance to win. For Rogers kiosks participants, or to earn an additional entry, you can enter by posting a picture from the clean-up to Facebook or Instagram using the
#PickUpWhereYouPlayNWA hashtag.

Click here for official rules. 

To volunteer, click on any of the links below for more information on that location. Remember to wear appropriate clothing for removing trash from in and around waterways. For any general questions about these events, please contact Jane at or 479-444-1755.

Image of 5 boast full of 173 bags of trash that were collected from 8 litter clean ups
As of Oct. 5th, Pick Up Where You Play clean-ups have removed 173 bags of litter from our local waterways!
Previous Clean-ups
Fayetteville - Scull Creek
Devil's Den 
Fayetteville - Tsa-La-Gi Trail
Fayetteville - City Wide
Beaver Lake - Old Prairie Creek 
Elkins - Middle and East Forks
Beaver Lake - Hwy 12 Bridge

October 9th
Lake Sequoyah – Bait Shop – 9:30 am - noon - Contact Anna at  or Kristina at  for more information. Click here for event flyer!

October 16th
Bob Kidd Lake - Game and Fish Boat Launch - 9am - 11am Click here for event flyer!
Lake Elmdale - Heron Crest - 9am - 11am - Details Coming Soon!

October 17th
Beaver Lake - Corps Prairie Creek boat parking area - 9am - noon - Contact Teresa at or Tim at for more information. 

October 23rd
Springdale - Spring Creek - Shiloh Square - 9am-noon Click here for more details!

October 30th
Lake Fayetteville Environmental Study Center - 9:00-11:30 - Click here for a flyer with more info!

October 1st through October 31st
Bentonville -
Litter cleanup supplies available by registering with the city. (Link to register here)To enter the Pick Up Where You Play contest for a guided striper bass excursion, you need to return the completed reporting form found in the cleanup supplies or by posting a picture of collected litter with the #PickupwhereyouplayNWA on Instagram or Facebook. For questions about the Bentonville clean up contact Baylea Birchfield (479) 271-3122.

September 1st through October 31st

Image of nearly 4 boats filled with 125 bags of trash collected from 8 kiosk locations
Rogers - Pick up supplies throughout Sept. and Oct. at conveniently placed kiosks. Dispose of trash at receptacles at city parks or carry home. To enter to win the grand prize, post a pic of the clean up to social media and tag #PickUpWhereYouPlayNWA. For more info, click here for flyer!

A huge thank you to our partners and sponsors!
Partners and Sponsors

What is the NWA Urban Stormwater Education Program?

Seventeen Northwest Arkansas cities, Benton and Washington counties, and the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville are partnering with the U of A Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service and the NWA Regional Planning Commission on a regional approach to stormwater management.

Both the EPA and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality have recognized the collaborative NWA Urban Stormwater Education Program as an innovative and effective pollution prevention education effort to help protect the region's water resources. 

Arkansas Stormwater Education

sprinkler on a lawn creating water pooling in the street
If you have an automatic sprinkler system, don’t set it and forget it. Check your irrigation for excessive watering or misdirection of spray onto streets and sidewalks.

What is stormwater runoff? 

When it rains, snows or sleets in Arkansas, where does that water go? Does it soak into the ground? Does it sit in puddles until it evaporates? The water actually does both of those things, but some of the water will also flow over the land surface, heading downhill to the nearest ditch or stream. This is called stormwater runoff.

Why is stormwater education important?

In Arkansas cities and towns, the water cannot soak in through the pavement, rooftops, and concrete like it can into the soil. This means that there's more stormwater runoff in cities than in forests and fields. The water flows off impervious surfaces such as driveways, rooftops, sidewalks, and parking lots, and usually flows straight into a storm drain. These openings along roads and in parking lots connect to pipes which carry the water directly to your local stream or lake. 


What can you do about stormwater management?

Learn more about stormwater policy and management, find out why stormwater is an issue.

We encourage you to explore  what you can do about stormwater, including the environmentally friendly way to wash your car and what you can do about residential stormwater.


Know the Flow

Stormwater flows untreated down our streets and drains directly to local creeks. Thanks for doing your part to keep it free of trash and other pollutants such as pet waste, chemicals, auto fluids, fertilizers and yard waste.


For more about what the NWA Urban Stormwater Education Program, download a copy of our

2020 Annual Program Efforts