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Mike Daniels, PhD
Professor of Environmental
   Quality and Nutrient Mgt

2301 S. University Avenue
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Little Rock, AR  72204-4940

Phone: 501-671-2281
Fax: 501-671-2297
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Livestock Nutrient Management in Arkansas

 All crops need nutrients to survive, flourish, and grow enough product to feed a growing human population.  Nutrients come in the form of fertilizers and include such products as chicken litter.  Too many nutrients, or incorrect application timing, may have negative impacts on both the crop and the environment. 

For this reason, it is important to practice nutrient management so that suitable amounts of nutrients can be applied that will benefit the crop and have minimal environmental impacts.

How Karst Systems Work


The primary goal of nutrient management is...

to properly utilize nutrients for agronomic gain
while protecting natural resources