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This is the online home of the Arkansas Board of Registration for Foresters. Check out the latest in Arkansas forestry news and information.

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  • Request to Establish a New Project Form PDF
  • Intra-Foundation Transfer Form PDF
  • Cashier's Office Cash Receipt PDF
  • Change Authorized Account Signer Form UAFound002 PDF Word
  • Change Account Information Form UAFound003 PDF Word
  • Close Account Form UAFound004 PDF Word
  • Deposits of Gifts Form ADC-01 Word
  • Memorandum of Agreement Form - ADC-05 PDF
  • Non-cash Gifts (Gifts-in-Kind) Form PMGS-97-3 (formerly ADC-03) Word
  • Payment Authorization Form UAFound 020 PDF
  • Request To Change Account Hierarchy Form ADC-1001 Word
  • Reimbursement for Group Meals/Refreshments - PMGS-95-2-1 PDF
  • Certification of Provided Meal - PMGS-95-2-2 PDF

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Services such as soil testing & disease management hep this County watermelon producers produce an average of 1800 ton annually.

Commercial agriculture is a vital part of Pulaski County. The Pulaski County Extension Office provides a wide varity of services and educational programs.

Services Available:

  • Soil Testing
  • Hay Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis