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Arkansas Women Woodland Owners 


women standing near woods
The Women Woodlands Conference is a great place to meet other landowners and share ideas on improving the quality of the land.

We took a walk in the woods with Pamela to learn how she managed her woodlands. She had a very interesting story to share. 

WHERE:  USDA Service Center Offices, Danville, AR

WHAT:  We did a lot of walking to see different parts of the forest.  Pamela shared her hopes, and challenges as she manages her beautiful property. 

Past Conferences

  • 2018 Women Owning Woodlands Conference. April 19-20, 2018. Lake DeGray State Park, Bismark, AR. Theme: forest health and sustainable management
  • Managing for Forestry Resiliency. March 3-4, 2016. A. Vines 4-H Center, Ferndale, AR
  • Keeping the Forest in the Family. March 26. 2014. University of Arkansas Community College at Hope, AR
  • Forest Management Planning. April 18-19, 2013. Southwest Research and Extension Center, Hope, AR

*Cost subject to change as details of the conference are finalized closer to the date.