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Timber Price Reporting for Arkansas

Marked hardwood timber stand

A timber stand marked for harvest.

Photo by Kyle Cunningham, University of Arkansas  Division of Agriculture

Summarized timber price information specific to Arkansas is provided by Timber Mart-South. These prices represent statewide averages for pine and hardwood timber products. These are stumpage prices, which reflect the value of standing timber (not delivered prices).

Timber sales may be affected by many factors including:

  • logging availability (wet or dry weather)
  • tract location
  • tract size
  • product type
  • stem quality

These factors can have significant impacts on the value of individual timber sales. Companies, such as Timber Mart-South, provide subscriptions for more specific market information that account for these variables.

The generalized prices issued in this report provide interested landowners with a reference for market conditions. Landowners are encouraged to seek the services of a professional forester prior to conducting a timber sale. The Arkansas Forestry Commission provides a listing of professional foresters in your area.

The Arkansas report requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Arkansas Timber Price Report



Timber News - 3rd Quarter 2020

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Selling Timber During difficult times of moving certain products such as pine pulpwood, consultant foresters can be a beneficial resource. Consulting Foresters
Weather Precipitation has been declining for most of the state.  Map
Selling Timber Converting tons and board feet has long been a problem for timberland owners attempting to sell timber. Arkansas severance tax laws use a conversion of 8 tons per thousand board feet (Doyle) and 2.5 tons per cord for pine pulpwood and 3.0 tons per cord for hardwood. These are useful conversions but may not always be accurate. Here is an article discussing using tons timber sales over board feet: The Value of $/Ton Bids for Timber Sales