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Tree Giveaway
A tree give away program to help a community recover from storm damage.

Trees are not only abundant in our forests and on our farms but are key features of our urban cities, rural towns, and individual yards. Unfortunately, these valuable assets are often overlooked, neglected, and/ or abused. How many of us for example, really know and understand the proper way to prune a tree. How many times have we been literally stumped when our favorite yard tree dies? How often have you wondered exactly what type of tree would best suit your yard, your park, or your neighborhood? Urban foresters and tree experts work to help answer these and other important questions.

You can find specific facts sheets on how to plant a tree, when to prune a tree, and what to do when your tree is damaged on our website.

Information can also be found at the National Arbor Day Foundation web site. 

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer? The Arkansas Urban Forestry Council is a 501(c )3 Non-profit organization.  The Arkansas Urban Forestry Council strongly believes in educating the public about the value of trees. Educational information about urban forestry is distributed via the AUFC Annual Conferences, workshops, and newsletters. Several AUFC members also volunteer to give presentations to local and state-wide organizations and groups.