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Invasive Animals

Most invasive vertebrate pests have been introduced by humans. Sometimes the introduction is accidental.  An example are Norway rats which were transported overseas by early European explorers in ship cargo. Sometimes invasive species are introduced on purpose. Some attribute the recent proliferation of feral hog populations throughout the state to sport hunters releasing domesticated swine to expand hunting opportunities. (Releasing feral hogs is now illegal in Arkansas!)

The invasive species listed here are not native to North America, and their proliferation has created problems. These include health issues to humans and/or livestock, economic decline affecting Arkansan's livelihoods, ecological and habitat degradation, and out-competing native species. Fortunately, invading tropical species such as the Burmese python and brown tree snake, which are problems in Florida and Texas, do not survive cold winters in Arkansas.  

Feral hogs

Feral hogs, feral swine, wild pigs, wild boars - they are all the same species, Sus scrofa.  The damage they cause is pretty astounding.  

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Norway and black (roof) rats are known to carry disease, spoil foods, and even cause building electrical fires with their gnawing.  

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