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Invasive Animals in Arkansas

Most invasive vertebrate pests have been introduced by humans. Sometimes the introduction is accidental.

The invasive species listed here are not native to North America, and their proliferation has created problems. These include health issues to humans and/or livestock, economic decline affecting Arkansan's livelihoods, ecological and habitat degradation, and out-competing native species. 

The primary invasive animal of concern in Arkansas is feral hogs.

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Feral hogs were introduced to Arkansas by early European explorers and settlers in the 1600s. They are not native to North America.

 Feral hogs, feral swine, wild pigs, wild boars - they are all the same, Sus scrofa.  They wallow in and pollute our streams and compete directly with wildlife for food. The damage they cause to our fields and forests is astounding.

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Other invasive animals

The northern snakehead is a destructive fish from Asia that was first identified in Arkansas in 2008. Arkansas Game and Fish attempted to eradicate the pest with limited success. Asian carps are also prevalent in Arkansas waters. Check out our invasive fish page to learn more about what to do if you encounter these species. 

Additional Invasive Pests

Thousand-cankers disease of black walnut

Invasive Diseases

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Emerald ash borer

Invasive Insects

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Ornamental cogongrass

Invasive Plants

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