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Extension Educational Programs & Services
Yell County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.


Collecting information for a Hay Demonstration

Agriculture Programs

Livestock & Forages

  • Livestock programs available include 300 days of grazing, winter cattle feeding, pasture weed control demonstrations, pasture inventory, and winter annual grazing. For additional information on any of these programs, contact our Agriculture Extension Agent,Jack Clark

Row Crops

  • Row crop programs available include variety demonstrations, integrated pest management, crop scouting school, and production support meetings.  Research verification in rice, soybeans, and corn is also available.  For additional information on any of theses programs, contact our Agriculture Extension Agent,Jack Clark

Photo: County Agent and State Specialist collecting samples for a Hay Demonstration 2013




 Small Business Class

Community & Economic Development Programs

The mission of Community and Economic Development (CED) is to strengthen Arkansas communities and businesses through research-based education.

This is achieved through research, education and outreach in four priority areas:

Business - provide education and technical assistance to strengthen Arkansas businesses. 

Community - assist Arkansas communities and regions in building local capacity to improve their social and economic well-being and create vibrant and resilient communities. 

Leadership - help identify and train active and effective youth and adult leaders for community, county and statewide leadership roles. 

Public Policy - provide timely, credible, unbiased and research-based information and education about public issues.

 Check out the Community & Economic Development Program and Resource List or visit our state Community & Economic Development webpage to see how we can help you.


Photo:  Small Business Class Participants




 Yell County EHC members at wreath making workshop

Family & Consumer Science Programs

  • Early Childhood Professional Development Courses
    Best Care provides up to 10 hours of professional development every year in a classroom setting.  Best Care Connected provides on-line courses from November 1 to June 1.  Enrollment is available on-line or at our Best Care Program Website. Guiding Children Successfully is a video based training available to childcare professionals, educators, and parents.  For more information on this program, contact our Family Consumer Science Agent, Joy West.
  • Family Finances
    Family Finance programs that are available include Small Steps to Health and Wealth, Financial Journey, Children and Money, Get Real Here's the Deal, and Money on the Book Shelf.  Information on financial planning is available at the Extension office or through our Publications Website.  For program information contact our Family Consumer Science Agent, Joy West
  •  Health & Nutrition
    Throughout the year programs are offered to help improve individuals health and nutritional awareness.  These include Walk Across Arkansas, Strong Women, Fit in 10, AgrAbility, Small Steps to Health & Wealth, and Food Preservation.  Health and Nutrition fact sheets are available at the Extension office or on our Publications Website.  For program information contact our Family & Consumer Science Extension Agent, Joy West.
  •  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP-ED)
    SNAP-Ed provides nutrition education to food-stamp recipients and other low-income individuals and families. Programs are offered in preschool, schools, housing authorities and other locations as needed.  For program information contact our Family Consumer Science Agent, Joy West.
  • Extension Homemakers Clubs (EHC)
    Join Yell County EHC as they empower individuals and families to improve their quality of living through continuing education, leadership development and community service.  This is a volunteer based program sponsored by Extension.  Check out our EHC Contact List for information on club meeting locations, dates, and times. 

Photo: Yell County Extension Homemakers participating in a wreath workshop



4-H member at broiler BBQ workshop

Yell County 4-H Youth Development

Yell County 4-H Clubs

4-H clubs have existed for more than 100 years in the state of Arkansas.  Membership in a 4-H club offers opportunities for Yell County youth ages 5 to 19 years old to participate in activities that will enable them to develop life skills necessary to become self directing, productive, and contributing members of society.  This is done through project work, leadership opportunities, and community service activities.  Check out our 4-H Contact Listfor information on club meeting locations, dates, and times.  If you have any questions about Yell County 4-H Clubs and activities, contact Extension Agent, Casey Scarborough.

Yell County School Enrichment

A variety of 4-H educational programs are available for teachers and other educators.  The program activities vary from science to leadership.  To find out what programs are available for presentation, contact Extension Agent,Casey Scarborough.


Photo: 4-H member at the 2013Yell County 4-H Broiler BBQ Workshop