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Sept. 4 is National Lazy Mom's Day, but does that mean that moms are lazy? Or that they should be lazy? Check out what it really means!

National Lazy Mom's Day

by Katie Cullum

Friday, Sept. 4 is National Lazy Mom’s Day!  So I bet you’re thinking about kicking back in a hot bubble bath, sipping some hot tea, reading a book, ordering in, and basically doing as little as possible. 

young woman wrapped up warmly, sipping hot beverage
Sipping a hot beverage may be relaxing but is it lazy?

But what IS National Lazy Mom’s Day?!  I had never heard of it before I saw it on a calendar of holidays.  It is the first Friday in September.  It’s just a reminder to lend a hand and give your mom a much-deserved break from her daily tasks.  But that sounds like Mother’s Day in May, doesn’t it?  We shower Mom with praise and maybe a gift.  We may even take her out for lunch that day.  But what about breakfast and dinner? Does she get those on the table?  National Lazy Mom’s Day is to make sure Mom knows how much we love and appreciate her.  Especially during this pandemic, moms all over have been busy cleaning the house, cooking more ever, keeping all the school schedules straight, etc.  So this is just a day to give Mom a little break and let her relax. 

So, family – watch what Mom does this week.  Does she empty the dishwasher and fill it back up during the day? 

kids cleaning the floor
Kids - how can you be helpful?

Does she throw some laundry in the washer?  Clean something?  Remind you about something? On Friday – what can you do to help out?  If you want to cook dinner, great!  Just be sure to leave it cleaner than you found it.  Or order something SHE likes (that maybe you don’t care for – you can always order from another place!).  Remind yourselves to unpack the lunches and put up the dishes and put the shoes away. 

Moms tend to give and give and give. Have you heard the phrase that you can’t pour from an empty cup?  We get tired, and drink another cup of coffee.  But really, another cup of coffee won’t fill the empty cup.  Taking the time to fill our cup is called self-care (not Starbucks).  Taking care of yourself means that you are better able to take care of others (there’s a reason the airlines tell you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first, then help others). 

So today, and every day, take time to care for yourself.  This doesn’t mean that you totally ignore the kids fighting, or that you let the family eat cake and ice cream for dinner.  It may mean that you get up a little earlier than the family to have a few quiet moments to plan your day and drink a cup of coffee.  Or it could mean that you go for a walk and unwind, or work on a new hobby.  One thing I’ve been doing is writing down good things about my life – what I appreciate about my family, what I love about my home, what I’m thankful for. 

Find ways to fill YOUR cup – and enjoy life. 


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