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We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Sebastian County Extension Office is at your service!

Four 4-H youth with prize winning poultry and ribbons at the 2012 AR State Fair

4-H Youth Development 

Several researchers have indicated that one of the most important goals of 4-H has been to offer educational opportunities for youth through competitive activities. The 4-H program has used competitive events and activities as a means to encourage learning and the development of specific skills of 4-H members. 4-H offers its members opportunities for competitive events at the county, district, state and national level which provide outstanding opportunities for 4-Hers to acquire knowledge and form attitudes and skills. Sebastian County 4-Hers have competed in four national events in the past two years. These events ranged from a National Shooting Sports event in Nebraska to the Western National Round in Colorado. Sebastian County 4-Hers have also competed in numerous county, district and state competitive events.  

Photo: Sebastian County 4-H members won 1st place in the Skillathon at the Western National Roundup

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Sebastian County Master Gardeners

The River Valley Master Gardener program recently welcomed 30 new members who successfully completed the 40 hours of class work to become a Master Gardener.  Program participants receive 40 hours of intensive horticultural training from the Extension office and are expected to give back 40 hours of community service within a year after finishing the training. Training areas include basic horticulture, fruits, houseplants, ornamentals, vegetables and diagnostic keys to horticultural problems. In 2014 a total of 170 trained Master Gardeners volunteered in over 26 sanction projects in the River Valley.   If you are interested in becoming a River Valley Master Gardener, contact the Sebastian County Extension Office.

Photo:  New Master Gardener Members 


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Sebastian County Beef and Forage Production

Agriculture is an important enterprise in Sebastian County, Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service has a wealth of information on all aspects of agriculture in Arkansas as well as many services available to livestock producers. With Sebastian County having approximately 812 farms with 30,000 cattle, improving beef and forage production is a major goal to producers in our county. Let the Sebastian County Extension staff help you increase cow/calf production with seven key farm management practices. These practices include cow-calf budgets, forage testing, soil testing, cow herd performance, enrolling steers in Steer Feed-out Program, pasture inventories, and completing production calendars.

Photo:Forage Demo in Sebastian County