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Searcy County, Arkansas

Welcome to our News and Publications page! Below you will find local newsletters, news stories, and/or links to other relevant publications.  Please contact our county Extension office for additional information.


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4-H News

Searcy County 4-H Newsletters

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February-March 4-H Newsletter

February-March 4-H Newsletter Insert


Searcy County Family & Consumer Science 

Get Real Here's the Deal Program

Get Real Here's The Deal Program Booth

Bobcats Meet World


On Thursday, March 19th, Marshall Seniors and their parents attended an event called “Bobcats Meet World” aimed at career readiness held at Marshall High School.  As part of the event, the Searcy County Extension Service conducted Get Real, Here’s the Deal, a hands-on experiential simulation that gives young people the opportunity to experience their future in a financial decision-making mode. Youth were encouraged to make wise financial lifestyle choices similar to those that adults face each month. As youth moved from station to station they made decisions based on their family size and affordability.

Marshall businessmen and women volunteered their time to work the stations, which included housing, transportation, and child care.  As the youth visited each of the twelve stations, they were given the opportunity to talk to the volunteers about their occupations. Businesses represented included Sweet Honeysuckle Boutique, Simmons Bank, Ozark Health – Young Moms, Healthy Families, Searcy County Farm Bureau, North Arkansas College, and Hiett Auto Sales.

The youth had to make purchases at each station and then write a check (correctly) for their purchase. They each had to keep their check register balanced in order to keep track of money left for other expenses.  A handful of youth were faced with the dilemma of running out of money before all expenses were purchased, which was a great teaching and eye-opening experience.

This was a great learning experience for the seniors, just two short months before graduation. Parents in attendance were appreciative of the learning opportunity for their children. Plans are already underway to conduct the event again next year.

Photos: (Top)Students Visit Booths During Bobcat Meet World Program. (Bottom) Students managing checkbook registers after visiting each booth. 

Master Gardener News


Wellness Garden Started at the Senior Center by the Master Gardeners

Wellness Garden Starting at Senior Center

 The Searcy County Health and Safety Coalition received a grant in July through the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP) to install raised garden beds at the Searcy County Senior Center. The gardening project will benefit the community because it is the first site of many community gardens planned for the area. The Growing Wellness gardens will enable seniors to engage in beneficial activities in the garden that encourage range of motion, share knowledge and pass along it to younger generations, and produce a bountiful vegetable harvest.

 The Wellness Garden is a community partnership among the Searcy County Master Gardeners Club, Searcy County Extension Office, Senior Activity Center, Food Corps, Marshall City Park, private businesses, and the County Judge.  This project also ads an expansion to the county goal of making physical activity available to all residents regardless of ability. 

 Searcy County Master Gardeners have constructed one bed that is located at the left side entrance of the center (Thrift Shop entrance) adjacent to the sidewalk.  Planting should start soon, and another bed is planned to be constructed in the near future.

 Searcy County was among the 40 communities awarded $83,226.45 for 49 “bite size” project grants awarded through ArCOP. All projects are designed to increase access to healthy foods and physically activity. Funding for the grant project is made possible by one of ArCOP’s most supportive partners, the Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas. ArCOP is making our state healthier one community at a time through its Growing Health Communities (GHC) program. Through programming, training, and funding opportunities, the Coalition works towards its goal to increase the percentage of Arkansans of all ages who have access to healthy and affordable food and who engage in regular physical activity. Detailed information on funded grant projects will be published through