UACES Facebook Living Well Tips - November 2016

Living Well Tips - November 2016


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November 23, 2016

Big meal leftovers going Southwest

Once the big meal is over, you are now faced with what to do with the leftovers. Planning for leftovers begins even before the initial preparation begins. Start by following food safety rules when handling your turkey, so you will have some leftover for those sandwiches, casseroles, etc.   

November 28, 2016

Why Eat The Rainbow

Adding a variety of colorful produce to your diet is an easy way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals without putting in too much effort beyond selecting a variety of colors.

November 29, 2016

Sensible Eating At Holiday Parties & Buffets

The keys to controlling calorie intake are moderation and portion control.  Follow these helpful tips for eating sensibly at holiday buffets and parties without depriving yourself or feeling guilty.