UACES Facebook Living Well Tips - February 2017

Living Well Tips - February 2017


February 1, 2017 Cooking Solo Can Still Be Nutritious

 Meals do not have to be a big production to be nutritious. A cup of soup and a sandwich or fruit and cottage cheese are quick to fix, taste great, and can give you the nutrients you need.

 February 2, 2017

Recipes For One or Two Person Meals

Making small nutritious meals for one or two people can be easy, especially by utilizing this reduction chart!

 February 23, 2017

Winter Greens Salads

As much as we like a warming stew in the slow cooker, I also appreciate a fresh winter salad.  In fact, they go well together.  The crisp bitter greens are a nice palate cleanser and contrast to a rich, meaty stew.  You can make this salad with a mix of seasonal greens, mizuna, arugula, beet greens and chicory.