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Family Beach Trip Packing Guide

Summer is flying by and I am officially counting down the days until we leave for the beach. The past few years, we’ve rented a condo in Seacrest which is located along Highway 30A in the Florida Panhandle. We LOVE this area. It has a very cozy, small town, and family-friendly vibe. There are quirky local shops, amazing restaurants, and a variety of opportunities for outdoor adventures and fun. The beaches are beautiful and each of the communities along 30A offer something different. 

Heading to the beach is one of my favorite ways to connect as a family. Beach trips are meant to be laid back. There is no need to set an alarm and no set schedule to follow. It’s just time spent un-plugged, lying in the sun, and playing in the sand.

Packing for the trip on the other hand, is not so relaxing. In fact it can be a little overwhelming for those of us with young children. A few years ago I put together a packing list that has made life much easier. Today I thought I’d share it with all of you other list-loving mommas to help you prepare for a similar trip!

 For me, it’s easiest to pack in sections: 

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries (I keep toiletry bags stocked for each of us throughout the year so this is an easy grab and go).
  • Car
  • Baby/Toddler Gear
  • Pool/Beach (If you don't have a powder pouch, get one! It's the easiest way to brush the sand off). 
  • Accessories
  • Essentials (I like to purchase/gather these staple items ahead of time and put in a tote. It's always cheaper and that way we have paper goods and the basics to get us through the first night. We usually order pizza for dinner and then treat the kids to donuts the next morning. That's what vacations are for, right? Then I make a grocery run after breakfast).
  • Miscellaneous

Download my Printable Family Beach Trip Packing List

Family Beach Trip Packing List

Pro tip: If you stay in a condo or beach house, be sure to check out what amenities and supplies are provided ahead of time to save time and money.

I hope this list is helpful! What are your beach trip must-haves? Share with me on Facebook!

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