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Shea Wilson's daughter
My daughter is four years old today. And friends, if I’m being honest, this past year she challenged every single thing I thought I knew as a child development major and family life educator.

There were arguments. There were full-on meltdowns. There were questions of “Gosh, do I pick this battle or should I discipline her?” There were times when I thought “It shouldn’t be this hard, what on earth am I doing wrong?” The term threenager is for real y’all.

Age three was tough. But not only because Greenlee was testing her independence, or at times made me feel like I was absolutely clueless as a mom. But because I realized time was flying by right before my eyes. Suddenly my daughter was no longer a baby. She was turning into a beautiful little girl who was full of life, made me laugh daily, and who’d developed some serious leadership skills. My momma heart could hardly handle it.

It’s true what they say. The days are often long, but the years are definitely short. Being a mom is by far the most precious gift life has given me so far. And I’m doing my best in this crazy busy world we live in to pause more and soak in every single moment I can with my kids.

So cheers to my sweet girl and to all of you mommas out there. You are amazing and you are not alone.