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We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service's statewide network. Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.

Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, gardening, healthy lifestyles, family, child development, food safety, food preservation, nutrition, or community development, the Perry County Extension Office is at your service! 


Tractor Planting the Perry County Liberty Link Soybean Variety Trial 

Perry County Agriculture 

Livestock and Crop Progress May 19

There were 5 days suitable for field work this week.  There was 1 inch of rain on May 12.  


Row Crops - Rice is looking good in the county.  Fields that were flooded have recovered and emerged to decent stands.  The last corn field received sidedress nitrogen and a herbicide appliaction this week.  Plant population counts were taken on the Corn Hybrid Trial on the Joe Thrash farm.  Plant populations ranged from 30,000 to 36,000 plants per acre.  Soybean planting has finally started.  The Liberty Link Soybean Variety Demonstration was established on the Chris Schaefers farm on May 18.  There is 16 varieties that will be evaluated for yield, disease and insect characteristics. 


Livestock and Forages - Night time temperatures are just now getting right for bermudagrass growth.  When a string of warm nights above 60 degrees occurs, the grass is ready to begin sustained growth as spring timperatures continue to warm till summer.  This is when you get good fertilizer efficiency.  Check fields for potassium levels.  I have noticed several soil samples come across my desk with low potassium levels, this can lead to thin stands.  Potassium needs to be added to nitrogen applications after each cutting.   


Photo: Planting the Liberty Link Soybean Variety Demonstration (Click to enlarge) 


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Perry County Crop Conditions May 19

Courts Financial Responsibility Program

Perry County FCS

Court Appointed Financial Responsibility Program 

Since October 2016, individuals involved in the Perry County District Court are being offered a unique opportunity to participate in a program designed to increase their knowledge of the financial responsibilities of a household. Under the guidance of Judge Andy Gill, Mary Jane Cody, the Perry County Family and Consumer Science Agent gave individuals the opportunity to attend three of the one hour programs beginning in October in order to reduce their financial obligation to the courts.


The Extension Agent covered several areas during the three programs, including household budget development, goal setting, organization techniques, record keeping, needs vs. wants, savings tips, shopping tips, and “getting the most bang for your grocery shopping buck” among other helpful information. The participants completed surveys upon completion of the third program. Several stated they felt it was helpful to them, giving them knowledge to work toward specific goals and felt it was something they would be able to put to use in their household.


These programs will continue to be offered on the last Tuesday of each month 6:00 p.m. at First Electric Cooperative’s Hospitality Room and are open to the public.


 Photo: Recent graduates from the program (Click to enlarge)

St Boniface 4-H at Quorum Court

Perry County 4-H

Perry County 4-H at Quorum Court

Perry County 4-H'ers are excited to be opening the meetings for the Perry County Quorum Court.  Each month a different group of 4-H'ers open the meeting with the pledge of allegiance follwed by a presentation of current projects they are part of.  In April, the St Boniface 4-H club presented their trip to the P Allen Smith Poultry Workshop.  In May, the Perryville High School Teen Leaders 4-H talked to the members about community projects that they were invloved in which included painting the "Welcome to Perry County" signs, putting together meals packets and building shelters for the homeless.  The Perry County Quorum Court is always excited to see our youth and love to ask questions and interact with them. 

Photo: St Boniface 4-H Club (Click to enlarge)

Chamber Banquet 2017

Perry County Community Development

Perry County Area Chamber Banquet

On April 28, 2017 the Perry County Area Chamber of Commerce held their annual banquet.  The banquet was held at Bigelow High School were the student drama club presented dinner theater for the banquet guests.  Students from Perryville High School helped serve the meal.  Mary Jane Cody, County Extension Agent - Family and Consumer Science was a part of the banquet committee.  Kevin Lawson, County Extension Agent - Staff Chair presented the Citizen of the Year award during the banquet.  4-H Outdoor Skills Coordinator Jesse Bocksnick was the recipient of this year's award. 


Photo: Jesse Bocksnick, Mary Jane Cody and Kevin Lawson at Chamber of Commerce banquet. (Click to enlarge)