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Miller County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.

Agriculture and Natural Resources
From Beef and Forages to Row Crops to Vegetable Gardening and Lawn Care to Plant Diseases

 Whether you have a large farm or a small home garden, the Miller County Extension Staff can assist you with your concerns. We offer a wide variety of education programs from beef and forage production to row crops to vegetable gardening and lawn care. Contact Jennifer Caraway, Miller County Extension Agriculture Agent for more research-based information on agriculture and home horticulture programs. 


Family and Consumer Sciences
From Healthy Cooking to Food Safety; from Diabetic Cooking to Professional Child Care Training and Much More

Do you want to learn how to eat healthier or become more physically or financially fit? Are you a diabetic or just enjoy learning how to prepare foods from other countries? All of these topics, and many more, are addressed through the family and consumer science educational programs. Contact Carla Hadley, Miller County Staff Chair/Family & Consumer Sciences Agent for more information.

  • The Child Care Extension News
    • Training Opportunities for Guiding Children Successfully; Best Care Connected; 4-H Afterschool and Best Care

      It is difficult to express the importance of teachers. You are superheros who do far more than teach. In this newsletter, you  will find a recipe for Memorial Day Popsicles; A Mother's Day Card craft idea; receive face-to-face training and more.

  • Mediterranean 2-Day Cooking School

    Through a hands-on cooking school, participants can learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, such as how to incorporate dishes of fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains into your meal planning as well as discuss the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

    You will prepare and taste recipes typical of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea in this hands-on workshop. We will learn about foods from both the Eastern and Western regions and what makes the Mediterranean Diet so healthy. Class dates are August 3rd & 17th, from 9:00 to 11:30 am, and costs $60.00 per person (covers both sessions). For reservations or for more information, call the Miller County Extension office 870-779-3609 or e-mail Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Your spot is not reserved until you have paid. You may receive a refund should you need to cancel until August 1st. After this date, you may find someone to take your spot but money will not be refunded after August 1, 2018.

    flyer for the Mediterranean Cooking School
  • Butterfly Bites at Trice Elementary 

    Trice Elementary students tasting butterfly bites.

    Trice Elementary students taste butterfly bites


     Butterfly Bites

    From USDA SNAP-Ed 

    1 (16 ounce) package celery hearts

    1 (10 ounce) bag large twist pretzels

    1 (16 ounce) jar cream peanut butter (trans fat free). Beware of any peanut allergies! You can use 2 (12 ounce) tubs of cream cheese as a substitute

    1 1/2 cups raisins

    Cut celery in half crosswise. Fill center of each celery stick with about 1 1/2 Tbsp. peanut butter. This is the butterfly's body. Add 2 pretzels to form the butterfly's wings. Use extra pretzel pieces for antenna and raisins for decoration.

  • ServSafe Food Safety Training 

    ServSafe logo with food service in the background

    ServSafe has been the industry national standard for years, training more than one million managers and employees how to receive, store, prepare and serve food safely.

    Register below. Course takes place at the Southwest Arkansas Research and Extension Center, 362 Hwy. 174 N., Hope, AR, Tuesday August 7 and Wednesday, August 8, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Registration deadline is August 1, 2018.

Miller County 4-H
Fun and Education for Youth Ages 9-19 or for Cloverbuds, Ages 5-8

4-H is a fun and educational program where kids "learn by doing." It is a great opportunity for youth to acquire knowledge and skills, and develop healthy lifestyles that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives. In Miller County it takes the form of community clubs, project clubs, and in-school clubs. 

Anyone age 9-19 can join 4-H or we have Cloverbud activities for youth ages 5-18. So come join the fun. There are many project areas and we can find one just for you!

The faces of 4-Hers are as diverse as the activities in which they take part. Some of the exciting programs our members are experiencing firsthand include:


  • Arkansas Livestock Show Association Youth Market Broiler Show 

    It's time to prepare for the Youth Market Broiler Show at the 2018 Arkansas State Fair. With the generous support of the Arkansas poultry industry, the hard work of the junior exhibitors, and the guidance of both yourselves and the University of Arkansas Poultry Science Department, we believe that this can be our best year ever.

    • Thirty (30) pullet chicks will be provided to each exhibitor for the exhibition at the 2018 Arkansas State Fair. Chicks are provided at a cost of $15.00 per exhibitor.
    • A pen of three approximately seven-week-old broiler pullets constitutes one entry.
    • Chicks will be provided through the county offices of the Cooperative Extension Service and through local vo-ag (FFA) chapters, from the University of Arkansas Poultry Science Department.
    • Only County Extension Agents and Vo-Ag Instructors are eligible to place orders and are the only people authorized to acquire the broiler chicks at distribution. If the Authorized individual is unable to pick up the birds, an official release on office/school letterhead must be presented by the person who will pick up the birds. It is the sole responsibility of the person picking up the birds to distribute the birds to the exhibitors.
    • Order/ Entry deadline for the broilers is July 31, 2018. The order and entry form is enclosed.
    • The order form also serves as the entry form for the State Fair. Please have all signatures in place when the form is submitted. No Junior Exhibitors will be allowed to participate in the State Fair without a Signature Form on file in the State Fair Office.
    • The chicks will be distributed at the Washington County Extension Office in Fayetteville, Franklin County Extension Office in Ozark, The ASU-Beebe Agri Lab at the ASU BEEBE FARM, and the Garland Co Extension Office 236 Woodbine-Hot Springs on Thursday, August 30th  from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. ***NOTE LOCATIONS***
    • All birds will be from a single hatch from the same breeder flock, and will be wing-banded for permanent identification by the University of Arkansas Poultry Science Department.
    • Participants will be responsible for acquiring feed for the project.
    • Broilers will be entered and sifted on Saturday, October 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
    • The Broiler Show begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 13th.
    • All Junior Exhibitors must be present at the show to be eligible for competition. This program places every exhibitor on an equal basis for getting started. This also makes chick management and final selection the keys to success at the shows.


    • The top two pens will sell in the Sale of Champions. The third through sixth place exhibitors will receive Super Premium Scholarship Awards.
    • In addition to these rewards, the exhibitors of the Grand and Reserve Champion broilers will receive a freshman departmental scholarship to major in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. The amount will be determined by the scholarship committee. Students must be unconditionally admitted to the University of Arkansas and choose Poultry Science as their primary major.

     Note: All broilers brought to the State Fair, including alternates, will become property of the Arkansas State Fair in an effort to protect the industry from the spread of disease.

    As the summer and fall pass, we can provide you with information and opportunities to learn more about how to be successful with these poultry projects. Feel free to give me a call with questions or concerns. We will do our best to meet your needs. You can reach me at 479-409-9023 or email

    Arkansas Livestock Youth Market Broiler Show Order and Entry Form

    Payment Form for Youth Market Broiler Show





    • State Livestock Skillathon & District Livestock Skills
      • Request to Establish a New Project Form PDF
      • Intra-Foundation Transfer Form PDF
      • Cashier's Office Cash Receipt PDF
      • Change Authorized Account Signer Form UAFound002 PDF Word
      • Change Account Information Form UAFound003 PDF Word
      • Close Account Form UAFound004 PDF Word
      • Deposits of Gifts Form ADC-01 Word
      • Memorandum of Agreement Form - ADC-05 PDF
      • Non-cash Gifts (Gifts-in-Kind) Form PMGS-97-3 (formerly ADC-03) Word
      • Payment Authorization Form UAFound 020 PDF
      • Request To Change Account Hierarchy Form ADC-1001 Word
      • Reimbursement for Group Meals/Refreshments - PMGS-95-2-1 PDF
      • Certification of Provided Meal - PMGS-95-2-2 PDF
    • State Livestock Skillathon and District Livestock Skills

      Click here for Livestock Skillathon Contest Information, which details the different parts of the state contest as well as provides resources for further information.

      Click here for inforamtion about the NEW district Livestock Skills Contest. This is an individual contest and is NOT a state qualifying contest. The Livestock Skillathon is still a state-only TEAM contest. The district contest is open to both junior and senior 4-H'ers and a county may enter 2 in each division.

      You may also access past contest materials and resources here. Scroll down to Livestock Skillathon and click on Livestock Skills Resources

  • Mr. Bill Outstanding Animal Science

    We are pleased to announce that we are currently taking applications for the 2018 Mr. Bill Outstanding Animal Science 4-H'er Award and Scholarship. Active Arkansas 4-H members who are graduating seniors, have exhibited at the Arkansas State Fair, demonstrates leadership and personal development through 4-H livestock projects, and will attend a post-secondary school in the fall pursuing a degree in Animal Science or a closely related field are eligible to apply. Applications must be typed and accompanied by two letters of recommendation. Application packets are due Friday, June 1 by 11:59 p.m. to Chelsey via email, fax, or mail. Please see attached for application.

    Mr. Bill Outstanding Animal Science

  • Youth Livestock Judging Camp
    youth judging livestock

    The 15th Annual U of A Animal Science Youth Livestock Judging Camp will be conducted at the UofA, Fayetteville on June 4th-8th, 2018. The camp is open to youth ages 9 and up, with participation limited to 100 youth.

    Instruction will include current types in slaughter and breeding cattle, sheep, meat goats, and swine; judging livestock in six categories; live animal and carcass relationships; the use of performance data and preparing and presenting oral reasons. The methods of instruction will include lecture, demonstration, hands-on experience, one-on-one coaching and critiquing, and Q&A.


  • Livestock Skillathon Contest 

    Click here for the Livestock Skillathon Contest Information which details the different parts of the state contest as well as providing resources for further information.

    Click here for information about the NEW district Livestock Skills Contest. This is an individual contest and is NOT a state qualifying contest. The Livestock Skillathon is still a state only TEAM contest. The district contest is open to both junior and senior 4-H'ers and a county may enter 2 in each division.

    Click here to access past contest materials and resources. Scroll down to Livestock Skillathon and click on Livestock Skills Resources.

  • PMGS-95-2 - Guidelines for the Agricultural Development Council, the University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.

    Sample Content