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September 2, 2015  

Eggplant-Exotic in Taste, Appearance and History

The deep, rich purple of an American eggplant with its green-grey cap almost makes you think of royalty. It is one of the most exotic vegetables in taste, appearance, and history. In fact, it was just 100 years ago that it was considered to be an ornamental plant in the U.S.

 September 9, 2015  

 Teams, Food, Games and Tailgating

Football season is here and even more exciting than the game itself could be the tailgating but don't forget food safety when tailgating.

September 16, 2015  

Greens-Packed with Nutrients and Phytochemicals

They may not be the most attractive vegetable, but if you are looking for a vegetable that packs a nutritional punch, then greens are it. The deep green color is an indicator that they are healthy and are packed with nutrients and phytochemicals, substances only found in plants, which help fight diseases and improve health.

September 23, 2015  

How Much Does Your College Student Know About Food Safety

As college students are now living on their own, some for the first time, they may have carried a microwave, grill, min-fridge, and toaster oven. Unfortunately, many do not know the food safety concerns that need to be considered when cooking with these appliances.

September 30, 2015  

Shop Smart at the Grocery Store

We all like to think we are savvy shoppers when it comes to getting the best deal, but are we really? Grocery stores have thousands of foods and new products monthly on their shelves. How do we know which items are the best purchase for our money?