UACES Facebook FCS Tips - October 2018

FCS Tips - October 2018


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October 3, 2018

Fall Squash - As Good to Eat as They Are Decorative

We like to spruce up our homes with fall decorations of colorful pumpkins and squash but did you know they are good to eat?

October 10, 2018

Taking Your Food To Go? Properly Handle Your Leftovers

If you are taking your food to go, be sure to properly handle your leftovers.

 October 17, 2018

Fruits and Vegetables - Important Sources of Nutrients and Vitamins

Most fruits and vegetable are naturally low in fat and calories and are cholesterol free.

 October 24, 2018

Baking with Fresh Pumpkin

When selecting a pumpkin for cooking, choose smaller pie pumpkins. Save the field pumpkins for your jack-o-lanterns.