UACES Facebook FCS Tips - November 2016

FCS Tips - November 2016


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November 2, 2016

Winter Squash - A Rainbow of Colors

Winter squash is a fruit worth getting to know for more than its decorative purposes. Instead of just admiring them for their beauty, get to know them by name. Experiment with them in recipes and add beauty as well as taste to your winter table.

 November 9, 2016

Pumpkin Pie is Synonymous with Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie is a tradition that is synonymous with Thanksgiving but can be loaded with calories and fat. We can make a pumpkin pie with little effort and still enjoy all of the health benefits of that bright orange fruit without the added fat and calories.

 November 16, 2016

Tips for Cooking Your Holiday Turkey

Cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving is a family tradition. There are many options available, such as baked, roasted, grilled, smoked or fried, just to name a few.

 November 23, 2016

Dressing or Stuffing: What's the Difference

Both dressing and stuffing are side dishes served at most Thanksgiving meals. Depending on the part of the country you live in generally determines whether you call it dressing or stuffing.

 November 29, 2016

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Baking with Cheesecake

Many of us love to eat cheesecake but are afraid to tempt baking one. It's really not as hard as you might think.