UACES Facebook FCS Tips - May 2019

FCS Tips - May 2019


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May 2, 2019

Cholesterol - What is it and What Do I Do About It

Too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to problems. Research has shown a link between high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease.

 May 9, 2019

Build a Healthy MyPlate

Building a healthy MyPlate is easy if you follow a few simple rules. When you eat healthier, you feel better and have more energy.

 May 15, 2019

Strawberries - Early Summer Fruit

As if being packed with sweetness and flavor isn't enough, strawberries are also packed with great nutrition - from folate to fiber to phytochemicals.

 May 23, 2019

Potatoes for Energy

Potatoes have been given a bad reputation as being junk based on widely held misconceptions. Potatoes are a great source of energy but, as with most foods, they can be turned unhealthy quickly by adding lots of fatty toppings and frying them.

 May 30, 2019

Enjoy a taste of the Tropics with Papaya

June is Papaya Month so now might be a great time to give papaya another taste. They are packed with nutrition and taste good.