UACES Facebook FCS Tips - May 2017

FCS Tips - May 2017


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May 3, 2017

Keeping Your Strawberries Fresh

It's strawberry season for a short time in Arkansas. Now what do I do with them? Do I refrigerate or store them on the counter? How do I keep them fresher longer?

 May 10, 2017

Queen of Greens - Kale

Often called the queen of greens, kale is growing in popularity due to its exceptional nutrient richness, health benefits, delicious flavor and ease of purchase.

 May 17, 2017

Potato Salad and Summer Go Together

When we think of summertime, we think of picnics and what better to have at a picnic than potato salad. There are many versions of potato salad but the key to a great potato salad is the potato.