UACES Facebook FCS Tips - July 2017

FCS Tips - July 2017


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July 5, 2017

Juicy Peaches - Gems of Summertime

Bursting with natural juicy sweetness and an unmistakable perfume, rosy-skinned peaches are filling baskets at farmers markets, roadside stands and supermarkets. Learn how to store peaches as well as some recipes to try.

 July 12, 2017

 Cool as a Cucumber

A person who stays cool and relaxed in a difficult situation can be compared to a cucumber staying cool inside, even in hot weather.

 July 19, 2017

Canning Tips for Fair Competition

Have you ever visited the canning exhibits at the fair and wondered how they did that? It's really quite easy. It just requires a little time to produce blue ribbon canning entries.

 July 26, 2017

Basil-Easy to Grow, Incredible Herb

Basil is truly an incredible herb that is easy to grow and use in cooking. It has a rich and spicy, mildly peppery flavor with a trace of mint and clove. Although traditionally used in Italian cooking, it is also popular in Mediterranean and Thai cooking.