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Lawrence County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.


2017 Day Camp Participants

4-H Youth Development

Lawrence County Cooperative Extension Service has a wonderful 4-H youth development program. Through 4-H programs, kids in our county are able to travel to new places as well as meet other 4-H'ers. Lawrence County currently has over 100 county youth, ranging from ages 5-19, and 20 adult volunteers. There are 6 clubs spread throughout the county. Below is a list of the clubs and their meeting location. For more information about 4-H, contact Bryce Baldridge at the Lawrence County Extension Office at (870) 886-3741. To join a Lawrence County 4-H club or to re-enroll go to 4-H online.

Photo: 4-H members who participated in 2017 Day Camp at Lake Charles State Park.


  • Lawrence County 4-H Clubs
    • Discovery: meets in Walnut Ridge- Leader-Sandra McGinnis
    • Livestock: meets in Black Rock-Leader-Allan Brown
    • Shooting Sports: meets in Black Rock - Leader - Phillip Roark
    • Shutterbugs:meets in Walnut Ridge Leader - Cassie Lawson
    • Ralph Joseph Youth Leadership Group   Advisor - FCS Agent Katrina Burch 


EHC members attend the state EHC Conference in Hot Springs

Lawrence County Extension Homemakers

 The Lawrence County Extension Homemakers always have a great time at the Annual State Meeting in Hot Springs. Celebrating the year's achievements and projecting for the future, AEHC meets at Hot Springs each June.  Save the dates for the 2017 convention June 6, 7, 8, 2017.  Educational, How-to, Creative Skills and Subject Matter classes, as well as awards and recognitions will highlight the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

For more information on EHC, contact FCS Agent Katrina Burch at (870) 886-3741.

Learn more about the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council.


Photo: Lawrence County EHC Members attending the 2016 AEHC State Conference in Hot Springs


  • Lawrence County Extension Homemaker Clubs
    • Clover Bend: meets at the Clover Bend Community Center
    • Black Rock: meets at the Black Rock Community Center
    • Eaton: meets as announced
    • Imboden: meets at the Imboden Community Center
    • Scrappers: meets at the Donna & Jerry Moore Memorial Arena in Black Rock
    • Smithville: meets at the Smithville Community Center
    • Krazy Kookers:meets the 3rd Saturday each month at 10 AM. Please call for meeting place as it varies each month.
 Master Gardener Logo

Master Gardeners

Lawrence County is very happy to have the Five Rivers Master Gardener Club started in 1999 as a joint effort with Randolph County. The Five Rivers Master Gardeners are very active and have monthly meetings as well as conducting educational activities for the public.

Master Gardeners receive many hours of training in botany, soil science, plant propagation, pest management, pesticide and herbicide usage, vegetable and ornamental plant gardening, plant and weed identification, pruning and other horticulture related subjects. In exchange, Master Gardeners donate back to local communities through community service, planting educational and therapeutic gardens, providing public speakers and much more.

For more information on the Master Gardener program in Lawrence County contact County Extension Agent Herb Ginn at 870-886-3741.

Other Home Horticulture Services Available:


Logo for the DD 50 Rice Program

DD50 Rice Management Program

The DD50 program was developed in the 1970s to help rice farmers accurately time midseason nitrogen (N) applications. The ability to predict growth stage, specifically internode elongation (IE), reduced physical labor required to sample fields to determine the accurate time for midseason N application. Today, the DD50 is used by many Arkansas rice growers and consultants. The rice DD50 program can be used by individual producers who manage their own crops, by consultants with multiple clients or by county agents for producers within their county. To participate in the DD50 computer rice management program, two options are available to producers or consultants. The first option allows producers or consultants to submit the variety, acreage and emergence date of each rice field to their local county Extension office. Enrollment cards are available from the local county Extension office. A report will be mailed to the producer after the report is generated in the county Extension office. Enter your information in the DD50 Program now.

Photo: DD50 Rice Program Logo



Post and fence that is covered in brown dying brush after being treated

Weed & Brush Control Demonstration

It is much easier to clean out a fence row when the brush is dead rather than green and thriving. A producer had trouble keeping her fence rows clean and asked “What  herbicides would help control brush and weeds in my fence rows?”  In order to answer her question, a herbicide demonstration was conducted.  The fence row was treated with herbicides as recommended in the MP44 - Recommended Chemicals for Weed & Brush Control publication available at the Lawrence County Extension office.  The picture at left was taken 55 days after the herbicide application.  All that remained were some greenbrier plants and cedars that were missed during the first application due to brush density. This demonstration achieved approximately 90% control of the brush. 

Photo: Fence row 55 days after being treated


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