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Lafayette County Extension Office

We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Lafayette County Extension Office is at your service!

Master Gardeners Logo

Master Gardener's

Who are the Master Gardener's

Master Gardeners are volunteers in your community, from all walks of life, who have an interest in gardening, a willingness to learn, and a desire to help others solve gardening problems.

Master Gardeners are trained by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service faculty and must complete 40 hours of basic horticultural training. After training, you are qualified to work under the supervision of the local county Extension Agent as a Master Gardener. You are required to volunteer a min of 40 hours during the year to your County Extension Office

We currently have 3 Master Gardeners in the County that are affiliated with the Master Gardeners program in Columbia County. They do, however, have project work within Lafayette County. If enough people indicate interest in becoming Master Gardeners, we will be able to start one within Lafayette County. If you are interested in the program, contact our office 870-921-4744

 Master Gardeners help the agent at the county fair

Photo: Master Gardeners assist county agent at the Lafayette County Fair.

Master gardeners training during a county project

Photo: Master Gardeners providing training during a county project

 publications available in office

Increasing Farm Profitability in Lafayette County

Increasing profitability of cotton, rice, corn, soybean, wheat and cattle producers and reducing input costs are of importance.


Identifying and solving production issues is a main task handled by our office. From the needs of the soil to the needs of the crop, educational resources are available.


Various demonstrations and trials are conducted in our county to identify ways to tackle problems that occur within local producers farms. We conduct the Arkansas Wheat Variety Trial and the Arkansas Standardized Corn Hybrid Trial in addition to various demonstrations that address current problems such as the Liberty Link Soybean Variety Demo 2016.

Corn seedlings emerging in a hybrid variety trial
Photo above: Corn emerging in a trial containing hybrid corn varieties.

 soybean roots damaged by root knot nematode in a field in southern lafayette county

Photo above: Soybean roots damaged by Root Knot Nematode

Sudden Death Syndrome SDS on Liberty Link Soybeans

Photo above: SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) on soybeans

Other agricultural services:

We also help the community with horticulture and gardening, small flock, and other small animal questions.

coneflower bloom in a flower garden

County Agent showing a young girl with blonde hair wearing a yellow shirt how to whisk eggs in a bowl; remaining eggs in carton behind a measuring cup are on the table in the background

4-H in the News

4-H helps youth gain the life skills they will need to be successful now and in the future. In Lafayette County, there are limited youth development opportunities outside of the school environment. The  Lafayette County 4-H subcommittee set forth to expand 4-H membership, to expand the visibility and to increase participation in 4-H.

3 youth and the county agent at state orama

Photo: 2016 Youth attend State Orama

Through the use of school presentations, press releases, enrollment events, word of mouth, and social media, youth and adults were made more aware of the 4-H program. 4-H club membership increased by 30 youth. A new community club was formed in the Bradley area, the first in over 15 years. Participation in 4-H activities increased to 90 4-H club members and 356 different youth participating in school 4-H programs out of 1311 potential youth in the county. Sixty 4-H volunteers contributed 2172 hours of time valued at $50,108 to help Lafayette County youth gain life skills.

See our program page for more information on 4-H and our current Clubs!!

youth pigs at the county fair


Photo: Youth pigs at the local fair

For additional information on 4-H in Lafayette County, contact Amanda Greer- CEA- Staff Chair, 870-921-4744  

lafayette county farmers market

 Lafayette County Farmer's Market

Opened this year, 2016. We have 19 vendors currently. Market ran this year from May until end of July. It was held next to the Courthouse.

For more information on becoming a vendor contact our office 870-921-4744 or Michelle Rogers 870-553-2128.