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Garland County Extension Office

We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture (What We Do).  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Garland County Extension Office is at your service!

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We are here to provide research-based information to farmers on livestock and forages, hold yearly Pesticide Applicator Training classes for producers, hold meetings on pertinent issues that are relevant to the Garland County area, and assist cattle producers with the latest technology on raising cattle and forages. 

Our office provides hay and feed analysis, advises on pond problems, and assists equine owners with the latest research on equine and forages. 

If you have a question on any of the above-mentioned areas, please contact Jimmy Driggers by email or call him at 501-623-6841. 

Picture of 4-H'ers with cookies for Law Enforcement

Garland County 4-H 
  Feeling like you need something to do?
 4-H might just be the thing for you!  In the next few months, 4-H members all over the county gear up for this year’s activities and projects. Soon members will be ordering their poultry chain chicks. 4-H’ers will pay a small fee for 15-day-old chicks which they will be raising over the next five months.  In September, the kids will provide four of their grown chickens for show at the Garland County Fair.  
  The 4-H’ers who show livestock at the fair will begin to shop around and purchase their animals.  As soon as their projects are secured, all will start the process to get their prized possessions ready for showing.  They will learn the responsibility of caring for their project seven days a week and will gain knowledge and skills in record keeping.  
Garland County 4-H’ers also get ready for two county competitive O-Rama events.  
  The Big "T" events include vocal, instrumental, dance, fashion revue, and public speaking talent.  
Later into the spring, the Big "B" events will take place.  Competitions include BB Gun Safety and Marksmanship, Bicycle Obstacle Course and Parts ID, Bait Casting and Fish ID, and Poultry BBQ. All O-Rama events are divided into three age groups: age 5-8, age 9-13, and age 14-18.  
  Garland County 4-H provides programs for everyone! There are over 80 different project areas from which to choose. Call the Garland County Extension Office for details about how your child can be part of an awesome group of kids!!  
For more information on all the fun 4-H activities that are available for our youth, call Linda Bates at the Extension Office on 623-6841 or email her at

Picture of Janet Carson presenting the MG Agent of the Year award to Allen Bates

Allen Bates Receives the Master Gardener Agent of the Year Award! 

Allen Bates, Garland County Extension Agent, was awarded Agent of the Year at the recent Master Gardener State Conference in Eureka Springs.  Allen oversees the Garland County Master Gardeners as part of his extension agent duties, and we are so pleased to have such kind and knowledgeable oversight!  He leads organization and teaching for the basic Master Gardener training class which includes five counties, and conducts educational programming for the public.  He is pleasant and hard working, always available for advice and wisdom, a true leader!

Would you like to be a Master Gardener?  You don't have to be a gardening wizard to become a Master Gardener through the Cooperative Extension Service.  In January of every year, Garland County holds a forty-hour training program for new Master Gardener Interns.  The program runs one eight-hour day per week for five weeks.  There is a cost for this program to cover the printed materials, daily lunches, your permanent name tag, and your first year's membership dues. At the end of this training period, you need to put in 40 hours of project time and 20 hours of educational time in the ensuing year to qualify as a certified Master Gardener.  From then on, there is an annual requirement of 20 project hours and 20 learning hours. That's all there is to it. For more information on becoming a Master Gardener, contact Allen Bates, Garland County Horticulture Agent or download a Master Gardener Application here and return to our office. 

EHC Ladies help in 4-H Christmas Workshop

Extension Homemakers Club

EHC has a new club -- Fiber Therapy.  This is a club which meets in the evening to accommodate those who would like to be a part of EHC, but work during the day.  Members of Fiber Therapy will be doing activities that involve yarn and crocheting; however, if there is enough interest, another evening club can be formed with a different focus.  For more information, contact the Garland County Extension Office at 623-6841.