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Crawford County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.


Crawford County FCS

Crawford County Family & Consumer Sciences

The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences program in Crawford County is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help residents improve economic well-being and quality of life.

Crawford County FCS program priority areas include:


-Health and Wellness
-Family and Consumer Economics
-Nutrition, Food Safety and Food Preservation


-Marriage, Parenting and Family Life

In addition to traditional family and consumer sciences educational programming, Crawford County offers ServSafe certification training for professionals in the food service industry and verified TAPP registry training for early childhood educators.  

Joyce Whittington, County Extension Agent - Staff Chair gives direction to the Family and Consumer Sciences program in Crawford County.

Connect with the Crawford County Family and Consumer Sciences Learning Zone on-line at: @JWhitt719 on Twitter or


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2013 JLE Goat Fecal Egg Count

Crawford County 4-H Junior Livestock Experts

Purpose of JLE:

"JLE" stands for Junior Livestock Experts. This is a program that will aid in improving your animal care and management practices for your livestock project. The care you give your livestock at your farm, during transport and at the show will affect the price consumers pay for your product. By following good health, nutrition and management practices advocated in the JLE Program, you will aid in making sure your livestock perform at their highest level and are a safe, wholesome product for consumers.

Goals of the JLE Program:

To better understand local livestock production practices

To understand nutritional requirements of Livestock

To benefit youth producers through a cooperative effort to supply wholesome, safe, consistently high quality meat.

To benefit youth producers through a better understanding of how to follow labels for feed additives, drugs and chemicals used.

To develop proper and safe herd health practices.

To improve the pride and image of youth livestock producers and the reputation for the meat they produce.

To further understand show ring techniques and qualities of a good herdsman.


Photo: JLE 4-H Youth Microscope Lesson
JLA Q. Court Appreciation



To identify potential leaders among 12-19 year old students and provide them with training which will motivate them to believe in themselves, make the most of their potential, and become self-sufficient leaders of society, both now and in the future.


Monthly programs will be offered to provide a series of training opportunities. The trainings will guide these teens from personal leadership development to community issue awareness and on to action in finding fresh solutions to those issues and then giving back to the community by giving leadership to identified community service in their school/community.

Contact Nickie Harding at the Crawford County Extension Office at (479) 474-5286 or for more information on the 4-H program.  

Photo: JLA Q. Court Appreciation Meeting
Beef Cattle

Crawford County Agriculture & Natural Resources

The Crawford County Extension Office offers a variety of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Horticulture services.  The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service strives to provide research-based information on these topics as well as many others.  Information and programs are available on agriculture topics such as beef and forage, crop production, and water quality. horticulture information and programs include gardening basics, pest identification, soils analysis, and lawn care.  For more information on Agriculture, Natural Resources or soil sampling information, contact the Crawford County office at 479-474-5286 or

 Photo: Beef Cattle

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The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service provides a broad range of information for homeowners, home gardeners, and Master Gardeners. The Crawford County Extension Office has loads of horticulture information, can answer questions, and help solve home & garden problems. Some of the FREE services that we provide in the area of horticulture include soil testing, insect and pest identification, plant and weed identification, and research-based horticulture advice.  Additionally, the River Valley Master Gardener program is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and improve quality of life with horticultural projects.   Trained volunteers, know as Master Gardeners, accomplish these educational goals. Program participants receive 40 hours of intensive horticultural training and are expected to give back 40 hours of community service within a year after finishing the training.  If you are interested in becoming a River  Valley Master Gardener, contact the Crawford or Sebastian County Extension Office.

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