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We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Crawford County Extension Office is at your service!

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Guiding Children Successfully

What is it?

Guiding Children Successfully (GCS) is a research-based child care training program that strives to meet the foundation level training needs of early childhood professionals across the state by offering up to 35 hours of TAPP verified training free of charge. This self-guided training will help early childhood professionals apply child development principles to appropriately teach and manage the children in their care. Providers are welcome to request any of the publications featured in our training and distribute them to the parents of the children in their care.

What is involved?

Guiding Children Successfully consists of five sections of training.

Section 1: Guiding Children Successfully Video Series
12 video programs
12 learning checks (quizzes) numbered 01-12, each worth 1 hour of training

Section 2: Parenting Journey
8 publications
8 learning checks (quizzes) numbered 13-20, each worth 1 hour of training

Section 3: See the World Through My Eyes
1 publication
8 learning checks (quizzes) numbered 21-28, each worth 1 hour of training 


Photo: Guiding Children Successfully