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Extension Educational Programs & Service
Cleveland County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.

Calf nursing mother with other calves laying down

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources is a vital part of Cleveland County and nobody understands that better than the Staff at the Cleveland County Extension office. We provide a variety of services, educational programs, and resources to meet the needs of our county residents.

Photo: Cows in Cleveland county.



 Agriculture and Natural Resources

Calf nursing mother with other calves laying down

Agriculture and Natural Resources is a vital part of Cleveland County and nobody understands that better than the Staff at the Cleveland County Extension office. We provide a variety of services, educational programs, and resources to meet the needs of our county residents.

Hand holding alfalfa plant

Some available services include:

  • Soil analysis and interpretation (pasture, lawn, or garden)
  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Hay nutrient analysis
  • Manure analysis
  • Insect identification and control strategies
  • Weed identification and control strategies
  • Sprayer calibration
  • Water analysis
  • Wildlife Food Plot recommendations.

Different color Azaleas in Landscaping

Educational programs available:

  • Beef and Forage production
  • Private Pesticide Applicator training
  • Vegetable Gardening/Production
  • Turf Management
  • Fruit Production
  • Wildlife Management
  • Farm Pond Management
  • Ornamentals Selection/Management

2012 Agriculture Impact 


4-H clover

4-H Youth Development Programs connect youth to the resources of the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture system's, strengthening the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers.

4-H and other youth activities and events inspire and shape youth, give them opportunities to master skills, enrich their knowledge, and work with others who can positively influence them.

To become involved in 4-H, contact the Cleveland County Extension office.


Community and Economic Developmentfair volunteer guide for schoolday

Cleveland County Extension personnel work with the residents to help strengthen our communities and businesses through research-based education.

Services provided include:

  • education and technical assistance to strengthen local businesses
  • assist the community to improve their social and economic well-being 
  • identify and train active and effective youth and adult leaders for community, county and statewide leadership roles
  • provide timely, credible, unbiased and research-based information and education about public issues

                                                          Photo: Master Gardener and Fair Volunteer Serves As Exhibit Guide For Students During Fair


 Family and Consumer Sciences


                                           Photo: Cleveland County Extension Homemakers Attend Arkansas Extension Homemakers Clubs State Meeting

EHC Cleveland County

Extension Homemaker Clubs empower individuals through

  • continuing education
  • leadership development
  • community service
  • over 7,000 hours volunteer service valued at over $167,000 to the county
  • 5 Extension Homemaker Clubs: Friendship, New Home, Rison, Stitchin' Sisters, and the "Y"



Health and Aging

Healthy lifestyle changes can reduce occurrence of chronic disease and improve overall quality of life.

For information on how you can participate in these programs, contact the Cleveland County Extension office.


 Photo: Fall Walk Across Arkansas Cleveland County Winning Team, Country Walkers

country walkers walk across ark team

Walk Across Arkansas  is an eight-week walking program in which participants increase their physical activity through walking or other aerobic activity.

"Lowered my cholesterol. The doctor took me off of my medication!"     -Cleveland County Walk Across Arkansas Participant




                                                                Photo: Mt. Olivet Strong Women and Spring Walk Across Winning County Team, Strong Walkers

mt olivet strong women group

Strong Women and Men is a strength-training program for mid-life to older adults--designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility. 

 "This program gave me the motivation to exercise when I wouldn't have otherwise. Got me up and moving!"   -Participant Spring Walk Across Arkansas Cleveland County Winners and Strong Women and Men   


Personal Finance

  • Navigating the Financial Journey is a multi-county program for learning money management skills. The program is open to all consumers. Bankruptcy filers can receive a Certificate of Debtor Education.

  • Small Steps to Health and Wealth is a program for adults to gain knowledge, skills, and motivation related to choices that can improve both health and personal finance behaviors.

  • Get Real, Here's the Deal is a financial management program for high school students.  Youth are encouraged to make wise financial lifestyle choices. As youth move from station to station they make decisions based on their family size and affordability. 

     get real here's the deal program students participate



 "I will now pay attention to how I spend my money!" -Get Real Here's the Deal Participant, Rison High School




                                                                                                                    Photo: Get Real Here's the Deal, Rison High School

 child care providers at best care training

 Best Care is a set of classes for early childhood professionals and others interested in learning more about caring for young children. The program provides 10 hours of classes for free that help to meet state requirements. For more information on how to participate, contact the Cleveland County Extension office.




                                                                                                                              Photo: Best Care for Child Care Providers


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed)Kingsland k snap

The SNAP-Ed programs are designed to educate adult and youth participants in making healthy food choices within a limited budget and choosing a physically active lifestyle.

                                          Photo: Kindergarten Students Growing Strong With Fruit and Vegetables





image description

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

In Pulaski County, the Smart Nutrition Active People-Education Program (SNAP-Ed) provides nutrition education to food stamp recipients and other eligible low-income individuals and families. Participants report eating more fruit and vegetables, choosing low fat dairy products and whole grains - all healthier choices - as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  For more information contact Ashley Carroll CEA Health and Nutrition.  Follow us on Facebook: 

Photo: North Little Rock STARS teach kindergarten students how to make healthy food choices.
image description

Strong Women

Strong Women and Men is a low impact strength training program designed to increase strength, endurance, balance and flexibility in older adults. Many participants have reported that this program has allowed them to remain in their homes and living independently as they age.  Ashley Carroll CEA Health and Nutrition

Photo: Strong Women