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Cleveland County, Arkansas

Welcome to our News and Publications page!  Below you will find local newsletters, news stories, and/or links to other relevant publications.  Please contact our county Extension office for additional information.  For accessible versions of PDF files, please contact Leslie Walz, Cleveland county Staff Chair.


Group of calves laying in green, spring pastureBeef/Forage Newsletter:

provides both current and time sensitive information for the beef and forage producers of South Arkansas.

Beef/Forage 4-2013




Different colors of Verbena FlowersHome & Garden Newsletter:

provides current information on vegetable gardens, ornamentals, fruits, and lawns. This newsletter serves to address what is happening currenlty around the county and recent situations agents have encountered.

Home & Garden 4-2012




 Stack of pine pulpwoodArkansas Timber Price Report:

Summarized timber price information specific to Arkansas is provided by Forest2Market® for two regions: south Arkansas and north Arkansas. These two sub-regions have been established to reflect the differing market conditions within the two areas. These are stumpage prices, which reflect the value of standing timber (not delivered prices).

(provide link for the Forest2Market® above:

3rd Quarter '12

(link to above report:

2nd Quarter '12

(link to above report:

1st Quarter '12

(link to above report:



Homemaker News:Kaye Green installed as AEHC President

This newsletter provides current updates for the Extension Homemaker Clubs as well as timely news articles and recipes. Topics include family living, living well, youth development, financial management, and other topics to help strengthen families.

Homemaker News Feb/Mar 2013

Homemaker News Apr/May 2013




Walk Across Arkansas NewsWalk Across Arkansas ladies walking:

During the spring and fall Walk Across Arkansas programs, this newsletter keeps participants informed on status of participating walking teams as well as providing timely, health-related information.

Walk Across Arkansas News April 2013