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Extension Educational Programs & Services
Clark County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services. 

If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.

It's A Family Affair

     Agent working with Hatley Family, sorghum syrup makers for several generations.          

Amy Simpson, Clark County Staff Chair tells us "The Andy and Christine Hatley family in the Beirne community of Clark County are locally famous for their long tradition of making sorghum molasses. For many decades, Mr. & Mrs. Hatley and their 12 children have come together for this special time. However, for the last 3 years, the sugarcane aphid has moved in and ruined their crop, and they were unable to make their molasses. This year, Donald Hatley (I was informed #4 of the 12), contacted me, and we worked together with the help of Extension Entomologist Dr. Gus Lorenz to get the right product for the job. So, for the first time in 3 years the Hatley’s are back to making their specialty, and they couldn’t be happier. They invited me down to watch the process, and it was such a learning experience. Thank you Hatley family for trusting the Cooperative Extension Service to help you out this year!

 Photo: Clark County staff chair Amy Simpson at the Hatley Farm.

 Services available:

  • Soil Testing
  •  Soil Test Counseling
  •  Hay/ Forage Testing
  •  Ration Development
  •  Manure analysis
  •  Plant Disease Diagnosis
  •  Plant Identification
  •  Sprayer Calibration
  •  Feed Analysis

Educational Programs Available: 

  • Beef and Forage
  • Timber /Forestry
  • Pasture Renovation
  • Computer Ration Development
  • Pesticide Applicator Training
  • Fruit Production
  • Garden Production
  • Weed & Brush Control
  • Pest Management
  • Farmers' Market Training
  • 300-Days of Grazing
  • ABIP
  • Composting
  • Organic Gardening
  • Horticulture Pruning
  • Using Technologies on the Farm
  • Small Poultry Flock Management
  • Others upon request


4H Holiday Craft Workshop

Photo: Local youth making crafts at recent 4H event.

4-H Holiday Craft Day

The Clark County 4-H program, with JoAnn Vann and Cindy Ham, offered a workshop for area youth to attend making holiday crafts. 

Anyone age 9-19 can join 4-H. So come join the fun. There are over 100 project areas and we can find one just for you!

Come join the FUN! The faces of 4-H kids are as diverse as the activities in which they take part. Some of the exciting programs members are experiencing firsthand include:

  • Science and Technology
  • Health, Food & Nutrition
  • Community Service
  • Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Livestock & Poultry
  • Pet Care
  • Home Environment
  • Gardening & Horticulture
  • Fashion
  • Talent
  • Public Speaking
  • Beekeeping
  • Woodworking
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Energy Management
  • Entomology

Clark County 4-H is active and Strong!! Come see what we have for you.


Clark County Family & Consumer Sciences


Clark County EHC Members assist with 4H holiday baking contestEHC members assist at 4H Holiday Craft Day and Baking Contest

Clark County EHC members assisted with the recent 4H Craft Day and Baking Contest.  

Planning, and monthly educational programs through the Extension Homemakers Clubs provide additional program support.


Photo: EHC members assiting with 4H event.