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Chicot County, Arkansas
Cooperative Extension Service

We are part of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s statewide network and the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture.  Our mission is to provide research-based information through non-formal education to help all Arkansans improve their economic well-being and the quality of their lives.  Whether it is agriculture, 4-H, health and living, or community development, the Chicot County Extension Office is at your service!

John Deere machine at side of field unloading harvested crop into large square containers


In 2012, Chicot County has over 230,000 acres in row crop production, valued at nearly $160 million dollars. The goal of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in Chicot County is to collaborate efforts with local farmers to help solve problems, improve production, address natural resource use and marketing.

Most soybean producers in the county now report adoption of research-based IPM and other best management practices, a substantial improvement over past farming methods. Using yield contests as a yardstick, this resulted in our having a Grow for the Green winner in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, we had a 100.07 bushel/acre entrant for the Race for 100 - one of the first confirmed 100 bushel soybean yields in Arkansas ever; and others verified yields of 99.3 and 98.4 bu the Grow for the Green contest. Soybean yield in Arkansas averages 41 bu/Ac.

Photo: Combine unloading harvested soybeans.

Woman wearing a blue t-shirt and red skirt with blue designs on it is standing in front of a table with examples of good and bad nutrition foods on it; she is a holding fat replica

Family and Consumer Sciences

Chicot County Cooperative Extension Service is dedicated to meeting the community educational needs by offering a variety of programs such as SNAP-Ed, EFNEP, Small Steps to Health and Wealth, Living Well with Diabetes, Medicine Ball Exercise Program, Best Care, Guiding Children Successfully and Extension Homemakers Clubs.

In response to issues related to obesity in the county, educational programs include the People’s Youth Garden Research Project, Broiler BBQ, Tomato Project, Kids in the Kitchen, Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program and Smart Nutrition Active People Education program.   Through these efforts, 229 educational sessions were conducted that reached 953 youth.  Additionally, youth ate vegetables that they grew in the school garden, gained knowledge of food prep and food safety, learned to plant, grow and harvest a tomato from seed.

Photo: FCS exhibit at health fair educates Arkansans on a variety of food topics


Yoga for Kids Program at Lakeside Elementary School

4-H Join the Fun!


4-H Join the Fun!

The mission of 4-H is to provide opportunities for youth to acquire knowledge, develop life skills, form attitudes, and proactive behavior that will enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society.

Membership in 4-H is absolutely free and provides you with a world of opportunity!