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It’s finally warming up outside and a lot of us may be thinking about starting a new fitness routine to go with the new weather. Getting fit doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet because there are several ways to stay active and be healthy while saving money.

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Go outside! Walking, biking, hiking, and running are free with the cost of a good pair of shoes to do it in. Many communities have walking parks, state and national park trails, school track fields, or even low-traffic streets to utilize. When I lived in the country and didn’t want to make the drive to town, I even walked up and down gravel roads to get some steps in. Scared to go walking by yourself? Take a friend or a loyal dog with you and don’t forget your cellphone. 

Get fit at home! Stretching, yoga, and body weight exercises can be done with no equipment. You can do jumping jacks, high knees, lunges, squats, push-ups, the list goes on! You can even use canned foods or water bottles to add a little weight to your exercise routine. If you’re willing to invest in a few items, free weights and stretch bands are low cost ways to add some extra resistance to your routine.

Go online! Our world is becoming more and more virtual and it doesn’t stop with fitness. All sorts of exercise routines, instruction, and videos can be found online. Just be sure you’re using reliable websites so that you don’t get hurt from using the wrong information.

Now more than ever it is important to be healthy but also to save money. Hopefully some of these tips can help you find ways to stay fit for free.

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