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For many people, our homes are our safe place. Unfortunately, our homes can also become a hazard to our health and safety. Keeping a clean and safe home is important for you and your family to continue living happy, healthy lives in your home. Continue reading to learn more about ways to keep your home healthy and safe as part one of four in my “Healthy Homes,” series.

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Seven Tips for Keeping a Healthy Home

  1. Keep it dry. Prevent water from entering your home through leaks in the roof, poor drainage after rain, and leaky plumbing.
  2. Keep it clean. Keep dust and other contaminates under control by keeping clutter at bay and cleaning surfaces often with a wet-cleaning method.
  3. Keep it safe. Keep poisonous chemicals properly labeled and out of reach of children and pets. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers close by. Secure loose rugs and keep areas free of hard or sharp objects, especially when children are present.
  4. Keep it well-ventilated. Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens especially, but also keep the air in the entire home well-ventilated to reduce the concentration of contaminates.
  5. Keep it pest-free. Pests are looking for food, water, and shelter. Seal cracks and openings throughout the home and store food in pest resistant containers. If needed, use traps and baits in closed containers, along with the least toxic pesticides such as boric acid powder.
  6. Keep it contaminant-free. Reduce lead related hazards in older homes by fixing old paint and keeping floors, walls, and window areas clean with a wet-cleaning method. Test your home for radon, a dangerous, naturally occurring gas that enters the home through the soil, crawlspaces, and foundation cracks. You can contact your local health department for more information on how to test your home for radon.
  7. Keep it well-maintained. Inspect, clean, and repair your home routinely. Take care of small issues and repairs before they become larger problems.

The most important thing to remember is to always keep your home clean and safe. A clean home is the first line of defense to illness and checking your home for problems can prevent safety issues. Keep a lookout for the next blog post, “Ways to Be More Environmentally Friendly,” for tips on having a "greener" home.

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