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A voter provides his information to poll workers on Election Day in ArkansasArkansas 2020 Statewide Ballot Issues and COVID-19

Arkansas is one of 15 states where residents can propose an amendment to the state constitution or refer a state law to voters. Legislators also have the authority to refer up to three amendments to voters.

Arkansas' 2020 ballot will be impacted by the COVID-19
pandemic as communities and organizations have canceled spring festivals and events that ballot issue groups usually attend to gather signatures from voters.

The legislature's three amendments will be on the ballot this November. A group seeking a referendum on a new state law has already turned in its signatures and has had its ballot title certified. But the measure has been challenged in court. 

Citizen-initiated measures are up in the air as the Arkansas Constitution mandates petitions with voter signatures be submitted by July 6. The state legislature and governor can not alter the date set by the Constitution. Nor does the Constitution or state law allow voter signatures to be gathered digitally. The signatures must be collected on paper and those petitions must be notarized. 

On this page you will find information about the legislative and citizen-initiated ballot measures. 

Proposed 2020 Amendments From the Legislature 

Arkansas legislators voted to put three constitutional amendments on the November ballot. Our Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide detailing those proposals will be posted on this web page in September. 

Below are links to the wording of the three legislatively-referred ballot measures

Blue illustration of a bag of money

Issue 1: Continuing Sales Tax for Road Construction

HJR1018: An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution continuing a one-half percent (0.5%) sales and use tax for state highways and bridges; county roads, bridges and other surface transportation; and city streets, bridges, and other surface transportation after the retirement of the bonds authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91.

Download the Proposed Amendment

Red illustration of a capitol building

Issue 2: Changing Legislative Term Limits

SJR15: A constitutional amendment to amend the term limits applicable to members of the General Assembly, to be known as the "Arkansas Term Limits Amendment"

Download the Proposed Amendment

Black illustration of a clipboard with writing

Issue 3: Changing the Citizen-Initiated Ballot Issue Process

HJR1008: A constitutional amendment to amend the process for the submission, challenge, and approval of proposed initiated acts, constitutional amendments and referenda

Download the Proposed Amendment

Referendum On 2020 Ballot

Arkansas' Constitution allows the public to petition for a statewide vote on an act passed by the state legislature. Known as a referendum, this type of statewide ballot measure asks voters for approval or rejection of a new state law. 

Arkansas voters may see such a referendum on their November ballot. Safe Surgery Arkansas submitted more than 53,491 valid voter signatures on a referendum petition to the Secretary of State's Office for a vote on Act 579 of the 2019 legislative session. The referendum is being challenged in court.

Read Act 579 - An Act to Amend the Definition of "Practice of Optometry

What Citizen-Initiated Issues Might Be On My Ballot?

Arkansans can propose new state laws or constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot for voters to decide. This can be a complex and lengthy process. The basic steps involve:

  • Submitting a name (ballot title) and wording of a proposed constitutional amendment or state law to the Secretary of State's Office.
  • Gathering a certain number of voter signatures from at least 15 counties.
  • Publishing the ballot issue title in a newspaper by June 3.
  • Submitting signatures by July 6 to the Secretary of State's Office to review.
  • The Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners certifying the ballot title.

In addition, groups that raise or spend money to support or oppose potential ballot measures must file a Statement of Organization with the Arkansas Ethics Commission and provide quarterly financial updates. 

Below are the proposed citizen-initiated ballot issues whose sponsors submitted voter signatures to the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office on July 6.

Potential 2020 Ballot Measures From the Public


Contact Information

Arkansas Citizen’s Redistricting Commission Amendment

Arkansas Voters First website

An Amendment to Require Sixteen Licenses to be Issued for Casino Gaming at Casinos, One in Benton County (to be owned by G-First Ark Gaming, LLC ), One in Boone County (to be owned by Boone County Gaming, LLC), One in Chicot County (to be owned by Lake Village Gaming Associates, LLC), Two in Crittenden County (one each to be owned by West Memphis 1 Gaming Associates, LLC and West Memphis 2 Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Garland County (to be owned by Garland County Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Greene County (to be owned by ASC Transaction Facility, LLC), One in Jefferson County (to be owned by Pine Bluff Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Johnson County (to be owned by Clarksville Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Miller County (to be owned by Texarkana Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Nevada County (to be owned by Prescott Gaming Associates, LLC), Two in Pulaski County ( one each to be owned by Little Rock 1 Gaming Associates, LLC and Little Rock 2 Gaming Associates, LLC), One in Sebastian County (to be owned by Ft. Smith Gaming Associates, LLC), One in St. Francis County (to be owned by Forrest City Gaming, LLC), and One in Washington County (to be owned by Fayetteville Gaming Associates, LLC).

Arkansas Wins in 2020 Social Media Page

A Constitutional Amendment Establishing Top Four Open Primary Elections and Majority Winner General Elections with Instant Runoffs if Necessary

Open Primaries Arkansas website


About Our Materials

Since 2004, the Public Policy Center has published easy-to-read fact sheets on statewide ballot measures so voters have a better understanding of what is being asked of them on Election Day. The fact sheets go through a vetting process that includes reviews by attorneys, subject matter experts and issue supporters and opponents. 

What will I find in Extension's ballot voter guide?

  • How the proposal will appear on the ballot
  • Answers to some basic questions about each issue
  • Reasons why people may support or oppose the proposal 

Go Beyond the Fact Sheet

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What Other Elections are Happening?

Arkansas cities and counties often hold elections throughout the year related to property or sales tax or other important local matters. We provide fact sheets on some local issues by request from our county agents. Find out what some of those past issues are here or contact your local County Clerk for more information about what's on your ballot. 

Arkansas Ballot Issues - Newsletter & Fact Sheet Publication Archive

Ballot Issue Groups Scramble as Pandemic Petition Rules Change - June 2020
Ballot issue groups pivoted again this month in how they collected voter signatures for their proposed constitutional amendments after a federal appeals court blocked an earlier ruling that allowed them to collect signatures by mail.

Voters Can Sign Ballot Issue Petitions Without Canvasser As Witness, Judge Rules - May 2020
A federal judge said Monday that Arkansas voters can sign ballot issue petitions without a canvasser witnessing it, easing some requirements during the pandemic for citizen initiative groups to collect the nearly 90,000 voter signatures required to put proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.

Lawsuit Filed to Extend Voter Signature Deadline & to Allow Virtual Canvassing - April 2020
A group wanting to change the process for drawing congressional and legislative districts in Arkansas recently filed a federal lawsuit seeking additional time to collect voter signatures for their ballot measure citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signature Canvassing Opportunities Disappear As Events Cancel Across Arkansas - March 2020 
Canvassers who rely on spring festivals and events to collect voter signatures needed to put constitutional amendments and state laws on the ballot are seeing these opportunities disappearing in light of COVID-19.

Dozen Ballot Proposals in Signature Phase - February 2020
A dozen potential ballot issues have been filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office, meaning voters could be asked to sign 12 different petitions for the November ballot.

Referendum Survives Legal Challenges - January 2020
The Arkansas Supreme Court and now a Pulaski County Circuit Court judge have rejected efforts to prevent a referendum on a new state law from being placed on the November statewide ballot.

Signature Counting To Resume, Court Rules - December 2019
The Secretary of State's Office will soon start counting thousands of voter signatures it originally considered invalid after an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling agreed with a referendum campaign that they should be counted.

Proposals, Funding Adding Up - November 2019
As this month comes to a close, citizen initiative groups have filed nine proposed constitutional amendments with the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office, allowing them to collect signatures to put their proposals on the November 2020 ballot.

Signature Gathering Under Way - October 2019
Canvassers have been spotted around the state in October at grocery stores and the State Fair collecting signatures for potential 2020 ballot issues.

Group Seeks Voter Approval for Game Machines - September 2019
In a span of 10 years, Arkansas voters approved legalizing the sale of lottery tickets and opening of casinos. Now a group hopes voters will support a constitutional amendment authorizing "coin operated amusement machines" in the state.

Referendum: Off, On Again? - August 2019
Challengers of a new state law expanding the procedures optometrists can perform in Arkansas have asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to intervene in their effort to put a referendum regarding Act 579 on the November 2020 ballot.

Voter Signatures Filed for Referendum; Multiple Marijuana Amendments Filed - July 2019
Safe Surgery Arkansas submitted thousands of pages of voter signatures this week to the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office in their quest to challenge a new state law expanding the scope of practice for optometrists. The wording of two ballot proposals seeking to legalize marijuana were filed in July with the Secretary of State's Office.

Referendum Sought on New Optometry Law - June 2019
A new state law expanding what procedures optometrists can do for patients is being challenged through Arkansas' referendum process.

New Law Makes AG Ballot Title Request Moot - May 2019
The Arkansas Supreme Court rejected a request to force the Attorney General to certify a ballot title for a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational use of marijuana.

2020 Ballot: Voters to Decide Sales Tax, Citizen Initiative Process, Term Limit Amendments - April 2019
It's official: Arkansas' 2019 legislative session is over. Legislators held their formal closing Wednesday ending the session. As part of the session, legislators referred three constitutional amendments to voters on the 2020 ballot.

Arkansas Voters Will Decide Sales Tax - March 2019
Arkansas legislators have settled one of the three constitutional amendments they expect to refer to voters in 2020.

Legislators Submit Amendments for 2020 Ballot - February 2019
Arkansas legislators submitted 44 proposed constitutional amendments for the 2020 ballot. Many of the amendments focus on the process for putting citizen-initiated amendments and state laws on the ballot, term limits, highway funding, and laws related to lawsuit damages.

92nd General Assembly Underway - January 2019
The Arkansas legislative session is in its second week and state senators and representatives so far have filed five proposed ballot measures.

Year in Review & Looking Forward - December 2018
Just over 50 percent of Arkansas' registered voters cast a ballot in the November election.

Voters Approve All 3 Arkansas Ballot Issues - November 2018
Nearly half of Arkansas' 1.7 million registered voters cast their ballots during the mid-term Election that wrapped up Tuesday. Voters ended up approving all three statewide ballot measures.

A Big Thank You &  You Still Have Time - November 2018
For the last time this election cycle, we offer a recap of the three statewide ballot issues Arkansas voters will be deciding on Election Day. 
Paperwork Flaws Push Term Limits off Ballot - October 2018Supporters of stricter term limits in Arkansas spent the past few years collecting thousands of signatures, and in the end, it was flaws with those petitions that knocked Issue 3 off the ballot.

Arkansas Supreme Court Blocks Votes on Issue 1
- October 2018
Not all of the proposals included in Issue 1 on this year's ballot are related to each other, the Arkansas Supreme Court said Thursday when blocking votes from counting on the issue.

Issue 4 - Casino Gaming - Survives Court ChallengeOctober 2018
Arkansans will be voting on whether to allow casino gaming at four locations after the Arkansas Supreme Court rejected two court challenges Thursday over the wording of Issue 4. 

September Update: Status of Arkansas Ballot Issues - September 2018
Four of the five Arkansas ballot issues remain in court, with less than 30 days to go until early voting starts. 

Term Limits and Minimum Wage Make Ballot - August 2018
Counties will receive the official Arkansas ballot this week, even though the Arkansas Secretary of State continues to count signatures for a proposed casino ballot issue.

Three Ballot Issue Groups Turn In Petitions - July 2018
Temporary workers will spend the next month reviewing petitions, looking at the signatures and comparing them to their lists of registered voters. The Secretary of State's Office has until Aug. 23 to tell counties which issues will be on the ballot.

Ballot Issue Groups Collecting Signatures After AG Certifies Proposals - June 2018 
It's been a whirlwind of a month. The Arkansas Attorney General certified four potential ballot measures for the November ballot in response to a lawsuit. Three of the sponsors then published their ballot titles in a newspaper by June 6 as required. 

Lawsuit Claims AG Review of Ballot Measures is Unconstitutional - May 2018
A second group wanting access to the November ballot has filed a lawsuit against Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge after she rejected the title and wording of their proposed constitutional amendment.

Casino Backers Sue Over AG Rejections - April 2018
Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to allow casino gaming in Arkansas have sued the state's Attorney General after she again rejected their proposed ballot title and amendment.

AG Office Rejects Multiple Ballot Proposals - March 2018
The Arkansas Attorney General's Office rejected four proposed ballot measures this month submitted by the public. 

Proposal Stumbles over Legal Jargon - February 2018
At just under 20 words long, a proposed ballot title meant to provide a path to suing the state of Arkansas was rejected because of the undefined legal jargon included in the proposal.

AG Says No to Casino Proposal - January 2018
A recent court decision and a long-held desire to open casinos in Arkansas pushed two groups into taking the first step in a bid for the November ballot.

What Does 2018 Have in Store for Arkansas Voters? - December 2017
As 2017 winds down, we offer a recap of where Arkansas' 2018 ballot stands as far as potential constitutional amendments.

More than $1.3 Million Raised in Court-Related Ballot Issue Campaigns
- November 2017
More than $1.39 million has been raised by ballot issue campaigns on opposing sides of SJR8 on next year's ballot.

More Groups Forming Around Court-Related Ballot Issue - October 2017
The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce announced this week the formation of a group advocating the passage of a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot. 

Will We See Fewer Ballot Issues? - September 2017
Ballot issues may seem like they pop up out of no where, but they're usually years in the making especially if they're coming from the public. So it's interesting to note that fewer proposals from the public have been certified for signature gathering for the 2018 ballot than in recent years.

2018 Ballot Issue Spending Underway - August 2017
Arkansas doesn't have any ballot measures this year, but Legislative Question Committees are starting to form and raise money on 2018 ballot measures in the Natural State.

AG Rejects Opposing Tort Measure - July 2017
A proposed ballot measure that would compete with one submitted to voters by the Legislature was rejected this month after its popular name was deemed partisan.

Highway Commission to Pursue Ballot Issue for Road Funding - June 2017
Arkansas Highway Commissioners are pinning their hopes for additional highway funding on voters.

New Law Require Ballot Issue Groups to Pay Back State - May 2017
The Secretary of State's Office paid more than $1.7 million last year to advertise Arkansas' ballot measures, a cost they expect to partially recoup in future years after the recent passage of Act 982.

Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Amendments on 2018 Ballot - April 2017
Arkansas voters will decide in November 2018 whether showing photo identification should be an official requirement of voting and whether to establish dollar limits for financial damages in certain types of lawsuits.

Arkansas Voters to Decide Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Amendments - March 2017
At least two constitutional amendments will appear on Arkansas' 2018 ballot and it's possible legislators will add more voter questions to the ballot before they go home next month. 

Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Among 31 Ballot Proposals Filed - February 2017 
Arkansas legislators filed 31 proposed constitutional amendments for the 2018 ballot. Limited by law to a maximum of three measures, legislators will quickly whittle the list down in committee meetings in coming weeks. 

Legislators Considering Limiting Their Own Proposals - January 2017
The 91st General Assembly is underway. Scores of bills have been filed yet there's still just the one constitutional amendment proposal that was filed before the start of the January session. 

Legislative Session Means 2018 Ballot Discussion - December 2016
Just one bill seeking to alter the Arkansas Constitution has been pre-filed in the run-up to the start of the 2017 legislative session.

Arkansas Voters Approve All Four Ballot Measures - November 2016
Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved three constitutional amendments offered up by the legislature, and became the latest state Tuesday to legalize the growing, sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Election Day is Here - November 2016
Polling places open in less than 24 hours for Election Day in Arkansas.

Supreme Court Strikes Issue 7 from Ballot - October 2016
The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that votes cast on Issue 7 will not be counted. The court ruling disqualifying The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act comes on the fourth day of early voting for the 2016 General Election.  

Early Voting Starts Monday - October 2016
Early voting in Arkansas starts Monday. Not sure where to vote? Most early voting in our state takes place at the county clerk's office, but contact your county clerk for more information.

Supreme Court Knocks Two Issues Off Ballot - October 2016
The 2016 Arkansas ballot just got a little bit shorter. The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday removed Issue 4 and Issue 5 from the ballot.

Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide Now Available - September 2016
With seven ballot issues to decide in November, your five minutes in the voting booth might fly by. Go prepared by reading the 2016 Arkansas Ballot Issues Voter Guide published by the Public Policy Center at the Cooperative Extension Service.

Medical Lawsuit Amendment Qualifies for the Ballot - August 2016
As Election Day draws closer, voters have a slightly better idea of what constitutional amendments and state laws will be on the ballot to decide. Since the last News & Notes, a proposed amendment that asks voters to give state legislators the authority to pass laws regarding attorney fees and money awarded for pain and suffering in medical-injury lawsuits has qualified for the ballot.

Medical Cannabis Act Qualifies for 2016 Ballot - July 2016
Voters will have another say on whether Arkansas should legalize marijuana for medical purposes after the Secretary of State's Office declared that The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act had enough voter signatures to put a proposed law on the November ballot.

Signature Deadline Looming Over Citizen Groups - June 2016
If you've gone to a festival lately, filled up your gas tank or even spent the day at the zoo, it's likely you've run into somebody asking you to sign a ballot issue petition. Citizen groups have less than a month to collect signatures to qualify their issues for the November ballot.

Group Seeking Spot on Ballot for Medical Lawsuit Rules - May 2016
When they met in 2015, legislators filed at least nine proposed constitutional amendments concerning legal proceedings in civil cases. None of those proposals made it to the ballot. Now a citizen group, Health Care Access for Arkansans, is seeking a spot on the November ballot for a constitutional amendment that would affect how much money could be collected for medical injuries.

Supreme Court Selection Process Under Review - April 2016
Should Arkansas voters stop electing state supreme court judges and turn over the duty to the governor? Legislators in recent weeks have debated this idea and the possibility of referring the matter to voters in the November election.

Campaign Reports Reveal Ballot Issue Support/Opposition - March 2016
Before campaign signs ever pop up in yards and street medians, supporters or opponents of a ballot issue register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission to essentially say they will be spending money and time on an election.

Voters Won't Find Petitions for Every Proposal - February 2016
When you look at the bottom of this e-mail, you will find a long list of potential ballot issues whose sponsors have the official OK to circulate them for signatures needed to put the issues on the November ballot. But that doesn't mean you will find petitions for all of them

Groups Busy Gathering Signatures, A Look Ahead - January 2016
Signature gathering is well underway for issues that could make the November 2016 ballot.

Ballot Issues Approved for Signatures up to 10 - December 2015
The list of possible measures to be decided on in the November 2016 election continues to grow. 

Second Poll Shows Support for Medical Marijuana - November 2015
A second statewide poll found growing support among Arkansas residents for allowing marijuana use for medical purposes.

Do Ballot Issues Make You Pay Attention? - October 2015
Nearly a year after voting in the 2014 election, can you recall any of the five ballot issues? How about naming any of the 2016 ballot issues?

Medical Marijuana Subject of Panel Discussion, Poll - September 2015
Viewers of a Little Rock television station had the opportunity to watch a televised panel discussion about medical marijuana proposals that could wind up on the 2016 ballot.

Voters Could See More Change to Term Limits - August 2015
When voters went to the polls in November 2014, they approved a constitutional amendment that allowed legislators to serve 16 years total in the House or Senate in place of the chamber-specific maximum of six years for representatives and eight years for senators.

Group Ends Effort for Referendum on Act 137 - July 2015
Arkansans to Protect Local Rights recently ended its effort to put a new state law up for a vote on the 2016 ballot.

Arkansans See Growing List of Issues from the Public - June 2015
The list of potential 2016 ballot issues is growing, with the Attorney General's approval of an eighth potential issue last week for signature gathering.

Signature Collection Underway for Ballot Issues - May 2015
Multiple groups are in the process of collecting signatures to add their ballot issues to the November 2016 election. One of those groups - Arkansans to Protect Local Rights - doesn't have very long to gather signatures from registered voters. The group is attempting to put Act 137 on the ballot to ask voters whether the law should be kept or discarded.

Legislature Sends 3 Issues to 2016 Ballot  - April 2015
For a moment, it seemed as if Arkansans wouldn't have any ballot issues to vote on in November 2016. Legislators had said they couldn't come to an agreement on any of the 41 proposed constitutional amendments and wouldn't refer any of them to the public, the first time that would happen since 1971. But on their last day of the session, legislators came together and agreed on three proposals to send to the public.  

Legislature Narrowing Down Amendment Priorities - March 2015
Arkansas legislators are closer to deciding which ballot issues they will refer to voters on the November 2016 ballot. On Friday, members of the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee decided they would recommend five of the 25 constitutional amendments filed by state representatives to a joint committee with the Senate for further review.

Ballot Deadline Passes for Legislature - February 2015
Over the next two months, legislators will work their way through dozens of proposed constitutional amendments to come up with the three issues they want to refer to voters in November 2016. 

Arkansas Legislature in SessionJanuary 2015
Members of the 90th General Assembly started work Monday at the state capitol. Arkansas legislators will be in session for the next few months proposing and debating bills that could become laws. It's during this time that legislators propose constitutional amendments for the 2016 ballot.

Panelists Discuss, Explain Issue 3 - December 2014 
Less than five hours after the polls closed Nov. 4, a constitutional amendment approved by voters that very day took effect. A month after the election, Arkansans are trying to better understand the impact of their decision to restrict lobbyist spending at the state capitol, to create a new panel overseeing pay for elected officials, and to make changes to legislative term limits.

Election Day is Today - November 2014 
Election Day is here. Polls are open until 7:30 p.m.

State Supreme Court OKs Minimum Wage Issue for Nov. 4 Ballot - October 2014 
Arkansans will vote on a proposal to increase the state's minimum wage after the State Supreme Court rejected a request to remove Issue 5 from the 2014 ballot. 

Early Voting Underway in Arkansas - October 2014
Arkansans had their first opportunity Monday to cast votes in the 2014 election, which included ballot issues such as the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment that survived a court challenge. 

Three Issues Still Under Court Review - October 2014
Opponents of several 2014 ballot issues have taken to billboards, radio and even a State Fair booth to highlight their viewpoints, but voters will have to wait a little longer to find out if Issues 3, 4 and 5 are on the state ballot.

Fact Sheets on 2014 Ballot Issues Now Available - October 2014
New ethics rules for state elected officials, statewide alcohol sales and a raised minimum wage are among the five issues voters will be asked to decide upon when they go to the polls on Nov. 4. To help voters understand the complexity of the issues and the arguments on both sides, the Public Policy Center of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has developed easy to understand fact sheets on each ballot item. 

Alcohol, Minimum Wage Make the Ballot But Lawsuit Filed - September 2014
The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment has enough signatures to make the November ballot, but retailers opposed to the amendment filed a lawsuit earlier this month in an attempt to kick it off the ballot.

Last Weekend for Ballot Groups to Seek Signatures - August 2014 
Two ballot groups seeking a spot on the November 2014 general election ballot should know their fate next week. Aug. 21 is the deadline for the Secretary of State's Office to tell local counties what will be on the ballot in terms of ballot issues. 

Ballot Groups Missed Deadline for Ballot, Attorney Says - July 2014 
Like many people on July 4, Secretary of State employees had the day off. The state Capitol building was closed. Because of the national holiday, the published deadline to turn in signatures for the 2014 ballot was the following Monday, July 7. This is decades-old practice in Arkansas, but an attorney has asked the Secretary of State's office to throw out thousands of signatures for an alcohol measure because the state Constitution requires petitions to be turned in four months ahead of an election. The real deadline, according to the attorney, was July 4.

Alcohol Expansion, Minimum Wage Step Closer to 2014 BallotJuly 2014
Thirty part-time workers are combing through thousands of pages of signatures submitted Monday, July 7 by supporters of expanded alcohol sales and an increase in the state's minimum wage.

Signature Deadline Looming for Ballot GroupsJune 2014
Ballot measure groups have less than a month to collect signatures of support necessary to put their proposed laws in front of voters in November. July 7 is the deadline for groups to submit signature petitions to the Secretary of State's office. 

Gay Marriage Petitioners Weighing Future After Court Ruling - May 2014
Gay marriage advocates are taking a wait-and-see approach before deciding whether to continue gathering signatures to overturn a 2004 voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage after a judge last week found the decade old amendment unconstitutional.

Voters Polled on Medical Marijuana, Minimum Wage, Ethics/Term Limits - April 2014
Arkansas voters who were polled in April reported high support for increasing the state's minimum wage, split feelings on medical marijuana and opposition to a legislative-referred issue that includes changes to the state's term limits law.

Ballot Groups Focusing on Signatures - March 2014
Over the next four months, Arkansas voters may notice signature collectors at festivals, on street corners or at popular local hangouts.

Popular Name Issue Resolved - February 2014
State officials worked past the confusion of who is responsible for writing popular names for legislative ballot issues and released titles Friday of two measures expected to appear on the November ballot.

Attention Shifts to Proposals From Legislature - January 2014
Three ballot issues referred from the Legislature have taken an unexpected detour - they are on hold until a popular name can be worked out for the proposed constitutional amendments.

2018 - Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide

Issue 1 - An Amendment Concerning Civil Lawsuits and the Powers of the General Assembly and Supreme Court to Adopt Court Rules Struck from the ballot

Issue 2 - A Constitutional Amendment Adding as a Qualification to Vote that a Voter Present Certain Valid Photographic Identification when Casting a Ballot In Person or Casting an Absentee Ballot Voters approved

Issue 3 - Arkansas Term Limits Amendment Struck from the ballot

Issue 4 - An Amendment to Require Four Licenses to be Issued for Casino Gaming at Casinos, One Each in Crittenden (to Southland Racing Corporation), Garland (to Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc.), Pope, and Jefferson Counties Voters approved

Issue 5 - An Act to Increase the Arkansas Minimum Wage Voters approved

2016 - Arkansas Ballot Issue Voter Guide

Issue 1 - An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Concerning the Terms, Election, and Eligibility of Elected Officials Voters approved

Issue 2 - A Constitutional Amendment to Allow the Governor to Retain His or Her Powers and Duties When Absent From the State Voters approved

Issue 3 - An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Concerning Job Creation, Job Expansion, and Economic Development Voters approved

Issue 4 - An Amendment to Limit Attorney Contingency Fees and Non-Economic Damages in Medical Lawsuits Struck from ballot

Issue 5 - An Amendment to Allow Three Casinos to Operate in Arkansas, One Each in the Following Counties: Boone County, operated by Arkansas Gaming and Resorts, LLC; Miller County, operated by Miller County Gaming, LLC; and Washington County, operated by Washington County Gaming, LLC. Struck from ballot

Issue 6 - The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 Voters approved

Issue 7 - The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act Struck from ballot


Issue 1 - An Amendment Empowering the General Assembly to Provide for Legislative Committee Review and Approval of State Agencies' Administrative Rules Voters approved

Issue 2 - An Amendment Allowing More Time to Gather Signatures on a State-Wide Initiative or Referendum Petition Only if the Petition as Originally Filed Contained at Least 75% of the Valid Signatures Required Voters approved

Issue 3 - An Amendment Regulating Contributions to Candidates for State or Local Office, Barring Gifts from Lobbyists to Certain State Officials, Providing for Setting Salaries of Certain State Officials, and Setting Term Limits for Members of the General Assembly Voters approved

Issue 4 - The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment Voters rejected

Issue 5 - An Act to Increase the Arkansas Minimum Wage Voters approved


Issue Number 1 - Providing Additional Funds for State Highways County Roads, City Street, Bridges, and Other Surface Transportation - FSPPC309 (PDF) - An amendment to provide additional funding for state highways, county roads, city streets, bridges, and other surface transportation. [Spanish - FSPPC309SPVoters approved

Issue Number 2 - Giving Cities and Counties Additional Financing Powers - FSPPC311 (PDF) - An amendment concerning municipal and county financing of sales tax anticipated revenue bond projects, unfunded liabilities of closed local police and fire pension plans, and real and tangible personal property. [Spanish - FSPPC311SP] Voters rejected

Issue Number 3 - An Amendment to Allow Nancy Todd's Poker Palace and Entertainment Venues, LLC to Own and Operate Four Casino Gaming Establishments, One Each in Pulaski, Miller, Franklin and Crittenden Counties. Disqualified; no fact sheet published.

Issue Number 4 - An Amendment to Allow Arkansas Hotels and Entertainment, Inc. to Own and Operate Seven Casino Gaming Establishments, One Each in Sebastian, Pulaski, Garland, Miller, Crittenden, Boone and Jefferson Counties. Disqualified; no fact sheet published.

Issue Number 5 - Making the Medical Use of Marijuana Legal Under Arkansas Law and Creating a System for Cultivation, Acquisition and Distribution - FSPPC310 (PDF) - An amendment to make the medical use of Marijuana legal under Arkansas law and create a system for cultivation, acquisition and distribution. Voters rejected


Issuance of State of Arkansas Federal Highway Grant Anticipation and Tax Revenue Bonds and Pledge of Full Faith and Credit of the State Of Arkansas - FSPPC308 (PDF) - Issuance of State of Arkansas Federal Highway Grant Anticipation and Tax Revenue Bonds and Pledge of Full Faith and Credit of thee State Of Arkansas. Voters approved


Issue No. 1 An Amendment to Provide a Constitutional Right to Hunt, Fish, Trap, and Harvest Wildlife - FSPPC305 (PDF) - An amendment providing that Arkansas citizens have a right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife subject to regulations that promote wildlife conservation and management. Voters approved

Issue No. 2 - An Amendment Concerning Interest Rate Limits And The Issuance Of Government Bonds For Energy Efficiency Projects – FSPPC306 (PDF) - An amendment concerning interest-rate limits and the issuance of governmental bonds to finance energy efficiency projects. Voters approved

Issue No. 3 An Amendment to Lower the Threshold For Issuing State Bonds to Attract Major Industries – FSPPC307 (PDF) - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Amendment 82 removing fixed criteria for the issuance of economic development bonds bearing the full faith and credit of the state of Arkansas and giving the General Assembly the authority to set criteria through legislation. Voters approved


Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 - FSPPC301 (PDF) - An amendment concerning voting, qualifications of voters and election officers, and the time of holding general elections. Voters approved

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 - FSPPC300 (PDF) - An amendment providing that no legislative appropriation shall be for a period longer than one year, providing for fiscal legislative sessions, requiring the General Assembly to meet every year with regular sessions continuing to be held in odd-numbered years and fiscal sessions held in even-numbered years, unless the General Assembly votes to hold regular sessions in even-numbered years and fiscal sessions in odd-numbered years, and allowing the General Assembly to consider non-fiscal matters during a fiscal session upon approval of two-thirds of both houses. Voters approved

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3 - FSPPC304 (PDF) - A constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to establish, operate, and regulate state lotteries to fund scholarships and grants for Arkansas citizens enrolled in certified two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas. Voters approved

Proposed Initiative Act No. 1 - FSPPC302 (PDF) - An act providing that an individual who is cohabitating outside of a valid marriage may not adopt or be a foster parent of a child less than eighteen years old. Voters approved

Referred Question No. 1 - FSPPC 303 (PDF) - Arkansas Water, Waste Disposal, and Pollution Abatement Facilities Financing Act of 2007 Voters approved


Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 - Bingos and Raffles - PPC001 (PDF) - Proposed Constitutional Amendment to allow Bingo and Raffles to be conducted by charitable organizations and to authorize the General Assembly to adopt laws regulating and taxing charitable Bingo and Raffles. Voters approved

Referred Question No. 1 - Arkansas Higher Education Technology and Facility Improvement Act of 2005 - PPC002 (PDF) - Arkansas Higher Education Technology and Facility Improvement Act of 2005 Voters approved

General Information About Bonds - PPC003 (PDF)


Referred Question No. 1, Arkansas Interstate Highway Financing Act of 2005 - PIEC001 (PDF) - Arkansas Interstate Highway Financing Act of 2005

Referred Question No. 2, Arkansas Higher Education Technology and Facility Improvement Act of 2005 PIEC002 (PDF) - Arkansas Higher Education Technology and Facility Improvement Act of 2005

General Information About Bonds - PIEC003 (PDF)


Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 - To Establish Term Limits for Members of the General Assembly (fact sheet not available) Voters rejected 

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 - An Amendment to Allow the General Assembly to Approve the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds for any Economic Development Project that Plans to Invest More than $500 Million in Capitol Expenditures and to Hire More than 500 New Employees Voters approved

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3 - An Amendment Concerning Marriage Voters approved

Referred Question No. 1 - Statewide Property Tax for Schools Voters rejected