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Arkansas Voter Education Resources

The Public Policy Center connects Arkansas voters with helpful information about the voting process. If you have questions about state or local ballot issues, or about where you can find more voter information, send your question to

Want to register to vote? Print off a form in English or Spanish.

Need to know what's on your ballot? Fill out this formon the Arkansas Secretary of State's website to view your information and sample ballot ahead of an election.

Want to know more about voting by absentee ballot? Voting by absentee ballot is a multi-step process with its own deadlines. Find information about how to apply for and receive an absentee ballot on the Secretary of State's Office website.

Wondering about photo ID requirements? The Washington County Election Commission website has detailed information about photo ID by type of voter. For example, did you know that first time voters who registered to vote by mail need to show/include photo ID when casting their ballot?

Voter Q&A

What is an acceptable form of ID? Where do I register to vote? Can I be called for jury duty? Answers to some basic Arkansas voter questions.

Read these Q&A's

Tips to Staying Safe While Voting

Bring your photo ID and a plan to stay safe to the polls. What does a plan to stay safe during a pandemic look like?

Make a plan 

Citizen-Initiative Ballot Access

The process citizens must follow to put a constitutional amendment, state law or referendum on their statewide ballot differs from state to state.  

Comparison of Ballot Access Requirements