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Local Arkansas Ballot Issues

Connecting with voters on local election issues can be a challenge for any community.

Voters might have preconceived notions about an issue, lack trust in the election campaign or simply not know that a measure is on the ballot.

With the help of  county extension agents, the Public Policy Center in Arkansas can assist communities in providing a local ballot education program that is fact-based and not intended to sway voters one way or another.

This assistance can be in the form of fact sheets, community forums and educational programs.

For more information, contact your county extension agent.

Lonoke County Jail

"I think the voters respected that neutral opinion and made up their own minds. I think if all issues could be presented like that, it would be helpful. I was impressed by it," - Robert Moery, Lonoke County Justice of the Peace on the Center's assistance in educating voters about a 2008 county jail tax election.