UACES Facebook Issue 6 - The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016

Issue 6 - The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016

Arkansas voters approved Issue 6 on Nov. 8, 2016

More information about the implementation of the law can be found at the Department of Finance and Administration, the Arkansas Department of Health, and the Medical Marijuana Commission.

Know before you vote -Issue 6 fact sheet

Find out what supporters and opponents say about the issue by downloading the 2016 Arkansas Ballot Issues Voter Guide. The guide includes a handy reference sheet to help you remember your choices when it comes time to vote.

On Election Day, you will see only the popular name and title of each proposal. Want to read the rest of it? Here's a link to the complete text of Issue 6. 

Watch our specialists explain Issue 6 in the video below.

What's being proposed?

Voters are being asked to approve multiple changes to the Arkansas Constitution. If the majority of voters say yes, this amendment would:

  1. Make the regulated medical use of marijuana legal under Arkansas state law, while recognizing the drug remains illegal under federal law.
  2. Establish a system for growing, acquiring and distributing marijuana for medical purposes.
  3. Identify medical conditions that qualify a person for using medical marijuana.
  4. Protect qualified patients, caregivers, growers, providers and doctors from arrest, prosecution, penalty or discrimination under Arkansas law. It does not offer protection from federal law.
  5. Direct the state Department of Health to establish rules related to medical access of marijuana and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission to establish rules related to growing and selling marijuana for medical purposes.
  6. Establish the Medical Marijuana Commission to administer and regulate the licensing of cultivation and dispensary facilities.
  7. Allow cities and counties to enact zoning regulations that guide where dispensaries and cultivation facilities may locate, providing that the regulations are the same as those for a licensed pharmacy.
  8. Allow cities and counties to prohibit dispensaries and cultivation facilities only if approved by voters in a local election.
  9. Apply state and local taxes to the sale of medical marijuana and require that state tax revenues be used to offset the state’s cost of administering the law and be distributed to various state workforce and education programs.
  10. Prohibit anyone other than a licensed dispensary or cultivation facility from growing marijuana for medical purposes.\
  11. Permit legislators to change some sections of the amendment at a later date with a two-thirds vote. Sections legalizing medical use of marijuana and the number of dispensaries and cultivation facilities could not be changed.

How did this issue get on the ballot? 

A citizen group collected signatures from more than 84,859 registered voters from at least 15 counties across the state.

Who is supporting or opposing this measure?

Opponents and supporters that spend money to campaign are required to register with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as aballot or legislative question committee. Visit the Commission's website to view these filings, which include names of people behind a group and how much money has been raised or spent.

Arkansans United for Medical Marijuana and Informing Arkansas have filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission to support Issue 6. Coalition for Safer Arkansas CommunitiesFamily Council Action CommitteeArkansans Against Legalized Marijuana, Families First Action Committee and Arkansas for Free Enterprise have filed to oppose the measure.